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IoT in the Bathroom: What Exactly is the “Internet of Things”?
When it comes to confusing and ever-changing terminology, nothing really comes close to digital technology.From dongles to routers, smart-hubs to podcasts, there’s certainly no shortage of jargon in the tech world. But there’s one phrase it might just be worth knowing about: IoT, which stands for the “Internet of Things”.…
The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Smart Bathroom [Updated for 2022]
It’s no exaggeration to say that 2022 is the year of the smart gadget. From fridges to phones, almost every device in our homes is now capable of connecting wirelessly to the internet. All of this connectivity via the so-called “Internet of Things” brings some truly futuristic functionality to our…
The Ultimate Guide to Smart Gadgets and Voice Assistants in the Bathroom
If there’s one thing it’s impossible to ignore in 2019, it’s voice assistants and “smart” gadgets. Whether you’re asking Alexa to remind you about an appointment, or telling Siri to switch off your bedroom lights, voice assistants certainly seem like they’re here to stay. With that in mind, we thought…
Bluetooth in the Bathroom: The Simple Way to Go Smart This Year
There was a time when the very prospect of technology in the bathroom would’ve been unthinkable; electricity and water don’t mix, after all. But in 2017, not only has technology evolved, but our needs have too, leading to a huge uptick in high-tech products designed for bathroom use. If you’re…

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