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IoT in the Bathroom: What Exactly is the “Internet of Things”?


When it comes to confusing and ever-changing terminology, nothing really comes close to digital technology.

From dongles to routers, smart-hubs to podcasts, there’s certainly no shortage of jargon in the tech world. But there’s one phrase it might just be worth knowing about: IoT, which stands for the “Internet of Things”. It’s certainly one of the more unusual turns of phrase, but it’s also something which will impact every home in the UK. In fact, for many of us, IoT is already here – even in the bathroom.

If you’re still not sure what IoT is all about – and how it could enhance your bathroom – today’s article is for you.

What is the Internet of Things?

There’s no doubt that the phrase “Internet of Things” is a little ambiguous. And while we can’t vouch for whoever it was who came up with the name, what we can do is explain a little more about exactly what it is. In the simplest possible terms, IoT refers to the concept of all of our devices being interconnected and able to communicate with one another.

For example, it’s possible that your “smart” bathroom cupboard might realise that you’re running low on whirlpool bath oil, then simply place an order for you via the web before you realise yourself. That’s the power of IoT.

Examples of IoT in action today

It may seem like the idea of IoT is something out of science fiction, but in reality, many of these connections are already being made. For example, if you have a smart assistant like an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you’ve already got an IoT connection up and running.

The fact that you can simply say a command out loud and have an answer spoken back to you within seconds is pretty amazing – and it doesn’t stop there. Other examples of IoT in action are the smartphone-enabled video doorbells, app-powered home locks, and many more. 

How IoT could enhance your bathroom experience 

It’s easy to see how IoT could make our everyday lives better when it comes to scheduling our day, sorting out groceries, delivering news, and so on – but what about the bathroom? Here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop, we’re naturally interested in any new technology which could enhance the bathroom experience, so we did a bit of research.

Here are our favourite ways that the Internet of Things could transform our bathroom experience in the future.

  • Smart showers will be able to tell who you are and automatically set the temperature, power, and duration of the shower you like without pressing a single button.
  • Water-saving sensor technology will be able to detect your presence and thus avoid wasting any water which isn’t used for washing.
  • Smart mirrors will be able to detect who you are, then – as you’re getting ready for the day – show you the latest news, weather, and even using Augmented Reality to offer clothing choices.
  • A futuristic IoT whirlpool bathtub will know the perfect temperature to set your bath, the specific setting you like for your air-jets, and even your favourite song. Now that’s what we call making the most of technology!

So, what do you think? Are you looking forward to having a fully connected home with every appliance talking to one other? Or are you happy living in an analogue world? Don’t worry, we’ve got bathroom tech to suit everyone – both smart and not-so-smart. 

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