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Installation Guide

Upon receipt, immediately inspect the bath to make sure the unit has shipped as ordered and has arrived undamaged. If a problem is discovered, call your supplier immediately. Handling damages are not covered under warranty. Protect the bath during installation to prevent damage. Never handle bath by the pipe work. Do not stand or place tools directly on the bath finish. Check pump unions, hand tightens only. Always refer to local building codes.

The whirlpool bath you are about to install has been carefully assembled and fully water tested at our factory.



This item MUST be installed by a qualified electrician and MUST be suitably certified. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

Supply Requirements – 240V, 13 amp, live neutral, earth. If LED lighting is installed - this can run off a 5 amp fuse. The inline heater requires a separate 13 amp supply or it can share the pump connection.

  • Wiring must comply with all regulations or electrical wiring as published by the institute of electrical engineers
  • The supply must be via an earth leakage circuit breaker / residential circuit device (ELCB, RCD, RCCB) rated @ 20amp minimum with a 30 milliampere trip current. The supply should be installed on a switched fuse spur which, together with the RCD, should be fitted outside the room where the bath is installed.
  • The pump is factory wired with a length of twin and earth flex for connecting to the power supply. If the connection is made in the room where the bath is installed, the connector must be rated to at least IP55.
  • There is no need to remove the pump during installation. This has been factory fitted. Doing so may result in your warranty being void.
  • The supply should be checked to ensure earthing is in existence and is satisfactory.


This test procedure should be carried out prior to any installation. Do not fix the bath into place, tile to the bath, seal it in or fit any panels before this procedure is carried out. Failure to comply with this procedure may void your warranty. Please do not dispose of any packaging materials, including the delivery pallet, until testing is complete.
Ensure the power supply is isolated according to your electrician's instructions and local regulations.

  • Check pump unions are tight.
  • Flush through the pipe work, ensure the bath does not contain any debris, and that the suction fitting is clear.
  • Fill the bath with water to completely cover all the jets.
  • Before switching on, thoroughly check the pump, the pump connections, and pipework for leaks.
  • Now switch on the power supply and press the on/off button to start the system.
  • Whilst the system is running check for leaks.
  • Please repeat this test procedure when the final fit is complete.


  • Before using your bath for the first time, clean the bath and wipe out any debris.
  • Fill the bath at least 1 inch above the highest jet before turning on the pump. Exposed jets will cause splashing.
  • Never run the unit dry - this can damage the pump.
  • Do not leave children unattended in or around an operating whirlpool.
  • Avoid putting your head near the suction inlet - Hair may be caught in the suction inlet and cause injury.
  • High foaming agents such as bubble baths & soap should not be used when the pump is operating. Using oils can cause build-up in the system and may require extra cleaning.


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