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How To Choose A Corner Whirlpool Bath

Corner Whirlpool Baths can bring a touch of style and luxury to any bathroom, but choosing the right bath for your room can be tricky. How do you choose a bath that will work for you?

It's often said that corner baths are space-saving; more accurately, they don't require the long wall space that standard baths do, and so can be tucked into corners where baths would traditionally not fit. This can be particularly useful if you're creating a new bathroom in a room that isn't the usual long thin bathroom shape.

But corner baths have their own challenges. The smallest sizes of corner tubs might fit into a smaller space than normal, but remember you won't be able to lie down in a 1000mm bath. You might consider this is a price worth paying to have the extra bath, or that the addition of whirlpool jets would make up for it – or you might feel that a luxurious shower would be a better option for your bathroom.

Corner whirlpool baths typically use more hot water than their straight-sided equivalents, so be sure that your hot water system can cope.

Baths should have at least 700mm of space around them so that you can get in and out unhindered: remember to plan for this too, there's nothing worse than getting out of the bath and walking straight into a sink! The right corner whirlpool bath can help to make a small bathroom look much bigger – but one that's crammed in amongst your other fittings will just look, and feel, cramped.

If you want the luxury of a corner whirlpool bath but don't have the right wall space to fit one, an offset whirlpool corner bath could be a good compromise. Offset baths are halfway between a corner and a straight bath, so have the luxuriously large feel of the corner whirlpool bath while fitting into a similar-shaped space to a normal straight bath. Their big advantage is that they offer more legroom than "triangular" corner baths, so they're a good choice for taller bathers.

So how do you decide what's right for you? Measure, measure, measure! Work out how much wall space you have available for your bath, and remember to allow space around the bath and other fittings. Be realistic about the size of bath your room can accommodate: it's better to get something slightly smaller and have it look great. That way, you can be sure of a beautiful bath which will give you years of enjoyment.

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