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Frequently Asked Questions & Useful Tips

BATH INSTALLATION. Your bathroom installer will plumb in the bath in the normal way, connecting the hot and cold supplies to the taps or bath filler, and the waste to the household drainage system. We advise that your bath is installed by a professional plumber. Your bath electrical supply MUST be certified by a suitably qualified electrician or your warranty will be void.

Q. My whirlpool or air spa system won’t start when I press the on/off button? Check power supply. Ensure the small clear air tube is connected to both the on/off button and the pump or blower. 

Q. My whirlpool or air spa system is shutting itself off? Check for adequate ventilation around the pump or blower. Both systems have a thermal protection system that will shut the pump/blower off in the event of overheating. Please note that the air-spa system will shut down automatically after approximately twenty minutes of use, this is normal.

WHIRLPOOL SYSTEM. Must be fitted to a 13 amp fused spur connected outside of the bathroom by a qualified electrician.

AIR SPA SYSTEM. The blower is supplied loose and is designed to sit on the floor in a convenient position to enable removal when necessary. The blower is connected to the flexible pipe by means of a hose clip or cable tie. There is a length of clear pneumatic tube that connects to the chrome on/off button and to the vacuum switch in the body of the blower.

DUAL SYSTEM (WHIRLPOOL AND AIRSPA). The 2 supply cables from the pump and the blower can be connected to the same 13 amp fused spur. Please check with your electrician.

LIGHTS. The power to the light is converted from the mains supply to 12v current and this is done in a transformer box. The cable to the transformer box (red for live and white for neutral) should be connected to a 3 amp fused spur or into the lighting system if convenient. 


  • If you have a ColourStop LED bath light fitted to your bath, it will have it’s own dedicated on/off control (Figure H). each subsequent press of the button will switch to one of nine colours, and the final press will engage the LED Chromotherapy Fade program
  • If you have a Mood String lighting system, then the lights will work on a separate colour system with an instruction leaflet provided.

ON/OFF CONTROL. You should press the button in the centre of the chrome on/off to turn the system on and again to turn off.

AIR CONTROL. Should be turned around to adjust if gentle when turned off (only water circulation) or open to the required level allowing air to mix at the jet with the water (Jacuzzi effect) giving a more vigorous massage.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE. In order to maximize the efficiency of your system and for hygiene purposes, a whirlpool cleaner must be used on a regular basis (we recommend every 4 to 6 weeks). After each use a sterilising tablet should be used. Household disinfectants and bleaches are not recommended as they could cause damage to the pump. Please see our leaflet ‘Oils and Cleaners’ that was sent with your order confirmation.

BATH PANELS. Your bathroom installer will adjust the bath height (by means of the adjustable feet) to the height of the panel.


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