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What's the Difference Between a Whirlpool Bath and a Jacuzzi Bath?


What's the Difference Between a Whirlpool Bath and a Jacuzzi Bath?

It’s an age-old debate (that’s not really a debate at all)… what is the difference between a whirlpool bath and a Jacuzzi bath? Well, we’re happy to put an end to this argument once and for all right now: they’re basically the same thing. In essence, anyway. There are, however, a few differences between these two products – so let’s take some time to put the whole thing to rest.

Two names for the same thing

The most basic difference between these two terms is the fact that ‘Jacuzzi’ is a brand name and ‘whirlpool’ is a generic term. But it actually goes a little deeper than that. Back in the 1950s, a man named Jacuzzi invented the concept behind what we now know as whirlpool and spa baths. The Jacuzzi family were known for producing high-quality air jet pumps, and when the son of Candido Jacuzzi began to suffer from arthritis, he became a pioneer of hydrotherapy. The results created something that wasn’t just therapeutic, but also very relaxing and soothing. This is how the modern whirlpool bath, or Jacuzzi, was born.

Why is the term ‘Jacuzzi’ so common?

You may have noticed that the terms Jacuzzi, whirlpool, spa and hot tub are used almost interchangeably in a various areas of life. The truth is that they’re all essentially the same: bath tubs that are fitted with extensive pumps and jets to create the whirlpool effect. So how did the term Jacuzzi come into such prominent circulation? Well, this isn’t the only example of a brand/product association! Consider names such as Sellotape and Hoover – both of these are actually brand names (for sticky tape and vacuum cleaner companies) – but have become the common terms for these products. Such is the way with Jacuzzis: they’re quite simply whirlpool baths by any other name.

Is there a difference in quality?

As we’ve discovered, there’s no real difference between a regular whirlpool bath and a Jacuzzi – but is there a difference in quality? The simple answer here is: absolutely not. In fact, many of the whirlpool baths you’ll find here are produced to rigorous standards that exceed even those of the modern baths that Jacuzzi are producing. Likewise, many others are equally matches in an apples-for-apples comparison. If you’re looking for a Jacuzzi, by which we mean a whirlpool bath or hot tub, there’s really no reason to go specifically for the Jacuzzi brand. In fact, in many cases it’s more cost-effective to try one of the other brands that are known for their dedication to quality – like Carron, AquaMaxx or Phoenix.

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