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A Bathtub in the Bedroom: Innovation or Insanity?


It can sometimes seem like modern trends are literally plucked out of the air. Whether that’s the neon revival of 90’s clothing or something more obscure, like nail polish for your teeth, (yes, it’s real), there really is no accounting for taste. One up-and-coming trend which is of particular interest to us is the phenomenon of people installing a bathtub into their bedrooms. You’ve probably seen this before in places like honeymoon suites at premium hotels, but in your bedroom at home?

Let’s dip into this topic and decide whether it’s innovation… or just pure insanity.

 The best reasons for bathing in your bedroom

While there are so functional differences between a bathtub in the bedroom vs. the bathroom, there are still a number of reasons why you’d want to do this. The first – and perhaps most important – is for the aesthetic appeal. Generally speaking, baths in bedrooms are found in high-end spas and other luxurious locations, so it can be a great way to bring 5-star glitz into your own home. Nothing turns heads quite like a stunning clawfoot bath elegantly positioned beside a huge bed! In practical terms, installing a bath in the bedroom can also serve as a nice compromise for those who want an en-suite but don’t quite have the room.

 The practicalities of a bath in the bedroom

While this is a fabulous way to bring premium luxury into your home, there are a few practicalities to consider before taking the plunge. Here are the key considerations you’ll need to bear in mind:

Plumbing and pipework. 

As with anything which requires a supply of water, you’ll need to carefully consider how to link the pipework to your bedroom bathtub. This can be relatively simple if you have have accessible floorboards, but it can also be a logistical minefield. It’s essential that you consult with a plumbing professional before planning your install (or just call us for free advice).

Physical space in the bedroom

Another key consideration is a the available space in your bedroom. Naturally, installing a bath requires a significant amount of space, so we strongly recommend that you check the dimensions of the bath you’re considering before your purchase.

Privacy concerns

There’s a reason that most bedroom baths you see are in honeymoon suites and high-end hotel rooms: privacy. Unless your bedroom has a lock, it’s well worth considering the possibility of family members popping their heads around the door when you’re trying to bathe your worries away. That’s not the most relaxing way to take a bath!

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of bathing in the bedroom, let’s summarise and look at which specific baths are suited to this purpose.  

The bottom line for bedroom bathing

 It should be clear that, while a bathtub can be a stunning addition to any large bedroom, it’s also a big decision which requires careful planning. Due to the restrictions we mentioned above, there is one class of bathtub which is undoubtedly the best choice for bedroom installation – freestanding baths. These tubs are free of the pipework and plumbing restrictions which come alongside more conventional baths, but do remember that they’ll still need to be plumbed in by a professional. There are lots of clever ways to disguise exposed pipework (and some even keep it as a feature), so be sure to do a bit of research into your options here – it’ll be well worth the time invested.   

So, is a bath in your bedroom the right choice for you? Whether or not it’s your cup of tea, don’t forget that you can always get expert bathroom advice anytime from the team at The UK Whirlpool Bath Shop. Call us today or just explore our online bathroom store. 

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