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Your Bathroom Toolkit: 4 Must-Have Accessories for Whirlpool Bath Owners


Your Bathroom Toolkit: 4 Must-Have Accessories for Whirlpool Bath Owners

Whether you’ve just recently become the proud owner of a whirlpool bath, or you’ve been enjoying the benefits for years, there are some accessories you just shouldn’t be without. Below are four of our favourites. These whirlpool bath accessories will enhance your bathing experience, make maintenance a doddle, and make whirlpool bath ownership even more rewarding. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

Bath pillows

While we can’t recommend falling asleep in the tub, there’s no doubt that comfort is a big priority when bathing. When you’re enjoying the bubbly magic of a whirlpool bath, your body is pretty much set for comfort – but what about your head? While the curved wall of the bath is designed to provide support, there is a product to make things even more comfy: the bath pillow. Luxuriously soft and comfortable, bath pillows are easily attached using suction cups and bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your whirlpool bath.

Whirlpool bath cleaner

It may not be the most glamorous aspect of owning a whirlpool bath, but there’s no denying the importance of keeping your tub clean. But who wants to scrub on their hands and knees every day? Well, with a set of Whirlpool Bath Sanitising Tablets, you won’t have to! You simply drop one of these tablets into your whirlpool bath once you’ve finished bathing, run the system for a couple of minutes, then drain – simple. Doing this every time you use your whirlpool bath will increase its lifespan, prevent mechanical problems, and keep everything running smoothly.

Whirlpool bath shower screen

While many whirlpool baths are a standalone affair, many more also come with a shower built-in. If your bath falls into this camp, you might want to consider installing a premium whirlpool bath shower screen. These can be simply installed towards the end of your whirlpool bath, and serve to prevent water from splashing all over your bathroom’s décor. Available in a range of high-quality materials and designs, whirlpool bath shower screens are also very affordable, with prices ranging from as low as £100. They’re an easy and practical way to improve your bathroom design without breaking the bank.

Whirlpool bath oil

Our final whirlpool bath accessory really should have a place in every whirlpool bathroom: low-foaming whirlpool bath oils. Designed expressly for use in whirlpool baths to prevent excessive foaming (as you’d get with a regular bubble bath), whirlpool bath oils can be found in a wide range of exquisite aromas including cedarwood & lemon, chamomile & lavender, and many more. Each of these whirlpool bath oils is made with high-quality essential oils to ensure a relaxing, stress-busting experience every time you take a dip. Explore our wide range of aromas now to discover the one that’s perfect for your bathroom.

So there you have it: three of our favourite whirlpool bath accessories. Don’t forget that there are many more accessories to explore in our online bathroom shop

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