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Why Chromotherapy Lights Might Just Be the Next Big Thing in Bathrooms


Here at The Spa Bath Co, we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of bathroom trends. Whether it’s the monochrome craze of 2014 or the retro-vintage revival last year, there’s always something that’s waiting to steal our design attention. So what’s the hot tip for bathrooms in 2016? Well, (and this is just our opinion), we have a feeling it might just be chromotherapy LED lights – and here’s why. 

The healing power of chromotherapy

First off, it’s important to note that chromotherapy is an alternative form of therapy, and hasn’t been subject to any formal scientific trials. That said, there is plenty of anecdotal and traditional usage evidence that the use of coloured light can contribute to a feeling of physical and mental energy and positivity. Practitioners of chromotherapy claim that it can be used to rebalance the energy levels in a person’s body and restore some of that equilibrium that so many of us need these days. With that explained, how exactly does this tie into the lights in your bathroom?

What are chromotherapy bath lights?

One of the best ways to add a premium spa-like look to your bathroom is with underwater lighting in your whirlpool bath. What we offer is the best of both worlds: cutting-edge underwater lighting systems that offer the full range of benefits provided by chromotherapy. By installing a system like our Chromotherapy Mood Lighting System, you’ll enjoy total flexibility in how your underwater lighting looks. Whether you want to cycle through various moods as you enjoy a relaxing bath – or choose from red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, or violet – the choice really is yours. 

The best way to bring chromotherapy to your bathroom

So how can you go about getting the benefits of chromotherapy installed in your bathroom at home? Well, if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to these systems, the lighting system we linked to above is a great way to start. If you’d like to push the boat out even further and add a sound system to your underwater lighting experience, you may also want to look at one of our Sound and Vision systems. If you’d prefer to start small, also offer a number of individual chromotherapy lighting options, including kits that’ll give you everything you need to install lighting by yourself. We’d also recommend you check out our limited-time Carron bath chromotherapy lighting offer – details below. With all that said, we hope it’s clear that reaping the full range of benefits provided by chromotherapy has never been so easy!

Are you tempted to give chromotherapy lights a try in your whirlpool bath? If so, you can explore our full range of underwater chromotherapy lighting right now.  Have a question about underwater chromotherapy lighting? Call the team today.

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