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Whirlpool Baths on a Budget: How to Enjoy the Benefits without Over-spending


Luxurious, indulgent, and a great way to unwind – which can also mean that getting the best-of-the-best will cost you a little more. But what if you’re working on a budget? Is there a way that you can reap the benefits of a whirlpool bath at home without breaking the bank and spending more than you’d like? Here are our top tips to answer exactly that question.  

Tip #1: Upgrade your existing bath

Did you know that you can actually convert your existing conventional bath into a relaxing 8-jet whirlpool tub with one simple kit? You may not have heard of such a thing just yet, but it’s true! Using the DIY 8-Jet Whirlpool Bath Kit, you’ll have everything you need to transform a regular bath into something much more special and high-end. Featuring eight powerful chrome jets and all of the pipework you need, this is an affordable way of creating the whirlpool experience at home without having to shell out thousands of pounds in the process. Note that we always recommend talking to our expert team before you jump in to upgrade a bath yourself.

Tip #2: Explore the world of budget whirlpool baths

It’s understandable that many people believe that whirlpool baths can cost thousands of pounds (or more), but in reality, there’s a wide spectrum of pricing for almost all budgets. By using our filtering options on the site, you can view our whirlpool bath range in ascending price order and begin to see some fantastic baths that can be yours for less than £600. Examples include the fabulous 11-jet Trojan Cascade whirlpool bath, which itself is available with a number of different upgrades depending on your budget. 

Tip #3: Take the modular approach

Just because you’ve bought a whirlpool bath doesn’t mean the story should end there. Imagine, as we discussed above, that you’ve gone for a whirlpool bath that’s within your budget but perhaps doesn’t have as many jets as you’d like. No problem! Most of the whirlpool baths we sell at The Spa Bath Company can be upgraded with extra jets over time. For example, you could install a Flush Jet Upgrade and benefit from 6,8,10,11,12,13, or even 14 jets in your existing bath – talk about choice! On top of these upgrades, you can also find a wide range of bath panels and other bath accessories which will help you create the whirlpool bath of your dreams over time.

To explore our entire range of whirlpool baths – from the budget models to the very high-end – you can explore our whirlpool bath shop now. Have a question about buying or installation? Call the team anytime.

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