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Whirlpool Bath Oil: The Secret to True Relaxation?


Whirlpool Bath Oil: The Secret to True Relaxation?

Whether you’re already the proud owner of a whirlpool bath or you’ve got one headed your way in the near future, you’ll want to make the most of it.

At The Spa Bath Company blog, we’ve already discussed adding lights and even sound to your bath, but there is a more simple and cost-effective way to make your whirlpool bath that extra bit relaxing: whirlpool bath oil. We stock a wide range of beautifully scented whirlpool bath oils that are designed expressly for use with the baths we manufacture – so what’s so great about them? Here’s our take on it.

 Different scents make for different moods

Creating a truly relaxing atmosphere in your whirlpool bathroom is a many-splintered thing. On the one hand, you’ve got the lighting; on the other, there’s the sound. But we can’t forget about the importance of smell as a sense. There are a number of essential oils made for natural flowers and herbs which are renowned for their relaxing properties. It’s these scents that you’ll find in the whirlpool bath oils we stock. Take  Amaretto, for example. Both of these flowers have traditionally been used for relaxation and their anti-stress properties, and blending them in a bath oil is the ideal way to take a bath and soak your worries away.

Whirlpool bath oils are beneficial to the health

It’s not just your mind that benefits from whirlpool bath oils – your whole body does too. The essential oils you’ll find in the oils we stock are known to moisturise the skin, and be beneficial for things like cystitis, tiredness and even cellulite. Want to experience these benefits for yourself? Then try our Pearl Aromatherapy whirlpool bath oil, which offers exactly this. All of the oils we sell are made without detergents and are low-foaming, so you’ll always have a safe, mess-free experience.

 Whirlpool bath oils are designed for your bath

It’s never a good idea to mix and match unknown oils with a whirlpool bath. What we mean by this is that it’s unwise to pick up any bath oil and simply add it to a whirlpool bath. After all, you never know which of these third-party oils will foam and potentially cause damage! With the whirlpool bath oils we sell, each one has been designed to work perfectly with the whirlpool baths that we offer. We’ve tested these rigorously to give you the reassurance that you’ll have a no-fuss bathing experience. That means that when you pick one of the bath oils in our range, you can always be certain that it will just work – guaranteeing you a relaxing, luxurious bathing experience that’ll really make you feel pampered.

 Have we piqued your interest in whirlpool bath oils? If so, why not check out our full range of oils in the Whirlpool Bath online store? Or, if you have any questions or need expert advice, you can call our friendly team.

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