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What's the Best Way to Prepare Your Bathroom for Warm Weather?


April may be famous for its showers, but based on the current weather forecast you'd be forgiven for thinking summer is finally here. While the sunny weather might not stick around too long, there's no doubt that average temperatures are on the up. You may not realise it, but this increase in warmth can have a real knock-on effect in your bathroom, especially after you’ve got it optimised for winter. So before summer strikes with full force, we've whipped up a list of common ways you can prepare your bathroom for the incoming warmer weather.

Tip #1: Get ready for increased humidity

Humidity and bathrooms tend to go hand-in-hand, but when the temperature rises and summer rolls around, it can get out of control. Whether that’s condensation dripping down the walls and windows of your bathroom, or simply that unpleasant sticky feeling that seems so pervasive in high summer, you need to keep humidity in check. You can do this in a number of ways, including by deploying a dehumidifier in your bathroom; or, if you don’t fancy any electronic, why not try a bowl full of dried rice tucked away in a corner? It may seem odd, but believe us, it really does reduce humidity!

Tip #2: Clean your whirlpool bath a little more regularly

Okay, so without getting into too much detail, we all know that summer can somewhat more… sweaty than other times of the year. It’s natural, then, that you may need to take a bath or shower more regularly. And with this increased usage comes an increase in oil and grease build-up in your bath’s pipework. The solution? It’s quite simple; just pop a whirlpool bath sanitising tablet in your tub once you’ve finished each soak, and the powerful-yet-safe cleaner will degrease your bath’s plumbing and keep everything ship-shape. For even more cleaning power and to make doubly sure that your whirlpool bath is grease-free this summer, you can also use some whirlpool bath cleaning fluid for added peace of mind.

Tip #3: Too warm for candles? Try something even better

If you’re a fan of relaxing candlelight whirlpool baths, (and who isn’t?), you may find that summer temperatures mean candles can make things a bit too warm. But fear not: there’s no need for you to abandon your mood lighting altogether. Instead, why not consider installing a brand-new underwater lighting system for your whirlpool bath? Offering a number of changeable shades lit via underwater LEDs, you can fine-tune your bath’s lighting to your heart’s content. It may seem like something of an indulgence, sure, but just think of all of the money you’ll save on candles further down the line! And, of course, you deserve it. To learn more, take a peek at our Chromotherapy Mood Lighting System now and just imagine what a difference it could make in your bathroom… no matter what the weather outside is doing.  

Whether you’re already set for summer or you’d just like an excuse to browse the latest and greatest bathroom products, check out our online bathroom shop now. Alternatively, call our friendly team anytime.

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