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Under the Hood: How Exactly Does a Whirlpool Bath Work?


Here at The Spa Bath Co. we spend a lot of time talking about the aesthetics of our whirlpool baths. Whether it’s the shapes and designs of the bath shells themselves, or the eye-catching underwater lighting systems, it’s all focused on the outside. So with today’s blog post, we thought we do something a little different by looking under the hood and asking: how exactly does a whirlpool bath work?

The anatomy of a whirlpool bath

Let’s start by looking at what ‘ingredients’ go into a whirlpool bath. There are two elements that are more important than anything else: the pump and the water jets. Depending on the particular bath model you’ve chosen, there’ll be a different number of water jets; and of course, the more jets you have, the more bubbles will be produced. In addition to the whirlpool bath pump and the water jets, the bath will also include the water intake (or suction plate) and an air controller (or control panel). Of course, you’ll also find all the usual accoutrements of a conventional bath, like taps, plughole, and so on. But you didn’t come here to hear about that stuff…

The basic mechanics of a whirlpool bath

The actual process of creating that lovely bubbly experience when enjoying a whirlpool bath is actually pretty simple. In a nutshell, the water intake that sits discreetly on the bath’s inner wall will safely suck water towards the whirlpool bath pump via vacuum power. The motor of the pump then redirects the water to the various water jets set around the inner walls of the tub. Depending on the power of the pump, (which can be adjusted via the control panel on most models), the speed of the water will dictate the pressure at which the water will be expelled. And of course, when it is expelled, it creates that unmistakeable jet of bubbles that all come together to form the incredible whirlpool bath experience.

Things to know about whirlpool baths

In addition to the basic operation process outlined above, there are a few things you should know as the proud owner of a whirlpool bath:

  • Unlike some types of hot tub, whirlpool baths don’t actively keep the water warm. If you’d like to top up the temperature, you can do so just as you would with a conventional bath – by draining a little water and adding some more. If that sounds like too much work, you can also add a handy in-line water heater for the ultimate hot-tub experience!
  • Maintenance might not be the most fun of topics, but it’s essential if you want your whirlpool bath to last. We recommend dropping a sanitising tablet into your whirlpool bath after each use, and use a comprehensive cleaning fluid at least every six months.
  • While whirlpool baths are easy to use by design, installation is another matter – especially when it comes to the pipework. When installing your new whirlpool bath, it’s essential that you consult with a professional before you make a start (and the same goes for any electrical changes).

Now that you know exactly what goes on behind the scenes of a whirlpool bath, you can explore our full range of premium whirlpool and spa baths anytime. And of course, if you have any questions about whirlpool bath installation, mechanics, or anything else; we’re just a phone call away.

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