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The Truth About Cold Showers: Are They Really Good for You?


Believe it or not, cold showers are something of an urban myth. Not in the sense that they might not exist, of course; but rather all of the stories, remedies, and potential benefits accredited to them. So which of these tall-tales is actually true? Do cold showers offer any practical use at all, or are they just a very good way to catch the common cold in double-quick time? Let’s find out.

Cold showers can boost alertness and energy (for a while)

It may seem like common sense, but a cold shower is an excellent way to really wake yourself up. Unlike a warm shower, which can be so soothing and relaxing that it actually makes you more tired, hopping in a cold shower can release adrenaline into your bloodstream. The shock of the cold water on your skin is enough to give you a jolt of alertness and energy that can last for a good while, even after you rush off to the nearest warm towel!

The effects of cold showers on your circulation

When that rush of cold water first hits you, it’s not just the adrenal release that gives your body a jump-start – it’s your heart-rate too. The surprise of the cold water will naturally send your heart-rate soaring, which for many of us can be a very good thing for our circulation. In a regular hot shower, blood can tend to pool towards our feet as we’re standing up – not so with the cold shower. If you’re looking to give your circulatory system a workout, a cold shower might be just the ticket.

Your mood and stress levels may benefit from a cold shower

Did you know that cold showers can sometimes be recommend for those suffering low-mood? It’s true! Based in the principles of a concept known as hydrotherapy, which promotes the use of water (both cold and warm) in the treatment of health issues, cold showers are apparently a great way to improve mood. It’s unclear exactly how cold water exposure can help mood, but it’s postulated that the shock of the cold water bathes the brain in fresh oxygenated blood and can help ‘jolt’ us away from negative thinking patterns.

Cold showers can soothe post-exercise soreness

Feeling the post-workout burn? If you ever suffer from something known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), you’ll know that any relief from this pain is welcome. It happens a lot to those who have just started hitting the gym, and is a response to the use of muscle groups that may not have received attention for a while. DOMS can last up to four days, but studies have taken place that have proven cold water immersion to be highly effective in minimising the effects of this muscle soreness. It may not be the first thing you want to do after a tough workout, but it seems hopping in a cold shower can be a great way to prevent days of aches and pains.

Whether you’re ready to test out the benefits of cold showers, or you’re simply looking for a relaxing hot one instead, be sure to check out our wide range of quality showers. Have a question? 

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