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The Risk-Free Way to Bring Music into Your Bathroom This Year


The Risk-Free Way to Bring Music into Your Bathroom This Year

What’s your favourite spot for listening to music? Maybe lying on your bed, or perhaps in your favourite armchair? Whatever your answer may be, there’s one place that you might not consider an option at all: the bathroom. After all, electricity and water are famously not the best of bed-fellows. Well, you can forget what you know about music in the bathroom, because in today’s blog post we’ll tell you exactly how your favourite tune can now be the soundtrack to your bath time... risk-free!

Before we begin…

We’d be remiss to make recommendations about playing music in your bathroom without first mentioning how not to do it. While it may be tempting to do things the ‘easy’ way, going this route can also be dangerous, and the main reason is the risk of electrocution. For example, if you use a portable battery-powered speaker, your phone’s speaker, or even a mains-powered system plugged into another room via an extension cable, any contact between water and these gadgets can be very bad news. With that in mind, we only recommend using music players designed for use in the bathroom – so let’s look at two of our favourites.

Music and storage in one

We’ve talked about multi-purpose bathroom products a few times at The Whirlpool Bath Shop blog, but there’s one of these that fits perfectly into this conversation: the Bluetooth speaker shelf. That’s right: not only can you use it to fill your bathroom with your greatest hits – you can also sit plants, preening products, or anything else you fancy on it. Talk about futuristic! You can connect to a Bluetooth speaker shelf with your smartphone or tablet then enjoy wireless, risk-free tunes to your heart’s content as you soak your worries away. And you won’t need to worry about your Bluetooth speaker shelf running out of juice, because it’s conveniently rechargeable via the ubiquitous micro-USB cables you’re sure to have lying around.

Turn your bath into a speaker

Okay, bear with us on this one, but did you know that you can actually use your existing bathtub as a speaker for music? Yes, it’s true; and yes, you can use it when it’s full of water – pretty cool, right? In fact, the water helps to add depth (no pun intended) and volume to the music – you’ll be able to really feel your favourite songs in a totally new way. The system works by installing two speakers in specific positions on either side of the tub, which then create vibrations in the water that amplify the sound in a way that you really have to hear to believe. Even better, for complete safety, the whole system is Bluetooth-enabled, which means no wires, no potential slip-ups, no risks! Find out more about our Bath Sound System now.

Featured on a BBC 2 See Hear Technology special.

 See how easy it can be to turn your bathroom into a musical haven filled with your favourite artists and songs? For more info about any of the products we mention above – or anything else whirlpool bathrooms – call our friendly team today.

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