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The Rise of the Multi-Function Bathroom (And How You Can Try It Today)


What do you get up to in your bathroom? For most of us, it’s the simple stuff: everyday bathing, maybe relaxing a little, and – let’s face it – some cleaning too. But in 2017, there are plenty of ways to expand not just how you use your bathroom, but also how much benefit it can bring to your everyday life. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can create a multi-purpose bathroom today.

The classic shower bath combo

It makes sense to begin at the beginning with what could be the very first multi-purpose feature of any bathroom: the shower bath. Born out of the desire to save a little space in the bathroom, the shower bath combo has become a shining example of multi-function design. And while back before modern production techniques took over, bringing the two together meant cutting a few corners, with modern shower baths you can enjoy premium build quality combining whirlpool systems and high-pressure showers. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between multi-purpose function and sheer style, a whirlpool shower bath will be just your cup of tea.

Multi-purpose bathroom storage

Storage is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to bathroom design. On the one hand, you want as much as you can; but on the other, you don’t want too many space-sapping cupboards, baskets, and drawers everywhere. The multi-function school of thought is an elegant solution to this problem, and it works particularly well for storage. In fact, right here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop you’ll find products like our collection of vanity units, each of which combines the practicality of a wash basin with the storage space of a cupboard or set of drawers. In fact, if you want to see the very epitome of multi-function bathroom design, you can’t miss the all-new Trojan Repono Jet Spa with Storage Unit. That’s right: a fully functional whirlpool bath combined with expansive storage options. Together at last!

Entertainment in the bathroom

Who says consumer electronics and bathrooms don’t mix? Well, most people, really… and for good reason. But when it’s done right, (and by right we mean with the approval of a qualified electrician), the bathroom can be a great place to enjoy music and even shows and movies. And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve fitting wheels to your telly! Instead, products like the incredible waterproof flat-screen HD TV can bring world-class entertainment into the room while you’re enjoying a long soak in a luxurious whirlpool bath. And if you’re more of a music person, you could even turn your whirlpool bath into a huge speaker, which is quite literally the most immersive way you can enjoy your favourite tunes while relaxing in the tub. Now that’s what we call multi-function!   

If you’d like to discover even more ways to enhance your bathroom experience, be sure to explore our online bathroom shop now. Have a question about multi-purpose bathroom products? Call the team anytime.

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