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The Quick-and-Easy Guide to Designing a Bachelor Pad Bathroom


It’s fair to say that bathrooms often aren’t seen as the manliest of locations in the home, but that doesn’t mean men can’t have some design input. 

In fact, in the case of the bachelor pad, the bathroom can be one of the most important rooms. So if you fall into the ‘bachelor’ category and you’re looking to create a masculine haven of bathroom goodness, we’ve got just the thing. Below is our quick-and-easy guide to creating a manly and masculine bachelor pad bathroom, without breaking the bank.

Start with the aesthetic

While the term ‘aesthetic’ may sound a little daunting, all it really means is ‘style’. The aesthetic you choose will be a natural reflection of your personal tastes, so you don’t need to feel bound by convention or the way other bathrooms look. Want to go for black sanitaryware with glimmering chrome taps? No problem. Or how about a wooden theme throughout, from the bath panels to the sink podium? Easily done. Use the internet to do a little research and you can easily find ideas about the interior style you’d like for your bachelor bathroom.

Choose your bathroom furniture

No, we don’t mean armchairs andsofas; by furniture, we’re referring to things like washstands, cupboards,storage baskets, and other bathroom accessories. These are those little thingsthat really bring a bathroom to life. If you’re going for a more minimalistbachelor bathroom, you don’t need to go all out on the furniture, but gettingit right and really be a great touch for any bathroom. Be sure that thebathroom furniture you choose matches the interior theme you selected earlier.

Pick out the heavy-hitters

Now it’s time to find those mainstays of the bathroom: toilet, shower and bath. The world is once again your oyster, and there are plenty of ways that you can bring these things into alignment with your aesthetic. If you want to create a classic high-tech bachelor pad bathroom, it’s a good idea to choose some quality gadgetry – and we’ve got just the thing. To really impress others, why not choose a luxury whirlpool bath with an integrated light and sound system? With one of these, you can turn your bath into a pair of speakers. Yes, you read that right. The bath is the speaker.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Men can sometimes (and unfairly)be accused of failing to add in those final little touches – but not you! Onceyou have the general design of your bachelor pad bathroom completed, and you’vesettled on the right bath, shower, taps and so on, you need to consider thelittle things. What do we mean by this? Well, think about ideas such as abasket of potpourri, or perhaps some plants or flowers for a bit of addedgreenery. Basically, these things will make the bathroom feel lived-in andcared-for.

Hopefully we’ll have given you a few ideas here and you’ll be all set for creating your dream bachelor pad bathroom. Be sure to check out our full range of bathroom products and accessories, and if you get really stuck don’t be afraid to call our team.

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