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The New Whirlpool Bath Owner's Guide to Essential Tub Maintenance


The new year is finally upon us, and with it a slew of new whirlpool bath owners. If you’re part of that lucky bunch, you may want to hold off for just a few moments before immersing yourself into bubbly indulgence. Why? Because we need to cover something important (but not too glamorous) first — maintenance! Done right, this can save you countless pounds and hours over the lifetime of your whirlpool bath. So let’s dive in!

The bare essentials of whirlpool bath maintenance

Let’s begin by reviewing the absolute essentials — those things that every whirlpool bath owner should be doing on the regular. First and foremost, weekly cleaning of the surface of your bathtub is important to keep it looking its best. You can use everyday bathroom cleaning products for this, but we’d recommend something that’s gentle or diluted — strong neat bleach is a no-no! In addition to this, it’s a good idea to keep the jets of your whirlpool bath active even if you don’t use them. We’d recommend running the whirlpool system at least once a month for ten to fifteen minutes if you don’t take regular whirlpool dips. With these basics taken care of, let’s look at the stuff that really helps your whirlpool bath to sparkle.

Our recommendations for a good-as-new clean

One of the cornerstones of keeping your bath in tip-top condition is consistent maintenance. While it may not be the most exciting of tasks, it’ll ensure your bath turns heads for years to come. We have a few recommendations to get yourself off on the right foot:

  • Make a habit of using a whirlpool bath sanitising tablet. Just pop one of these into the tub once you’re finished bathing, then run the system for a couple of minutes. It will keep the pipework clean as a whistle and prevent dirt and grime buildup. Find out more.
  • Use whirlpool bath cleaning fluid every few weeks. Simply add 100ml of whirlpool bath cleaning fluid to a bath full of cold water, switch off the air valve, and run the system for ten minutes. Doing this will extend the lifespan of your bath and keep the pipework running as smooth as possible. Discover whirlpool bath cleaning fluid now.
  • Always have a backup plan. While it’s very unlikely that anything will go wrong with your whirlpool bath, it always pays to be prepared. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to at least know where to find those essential whirlpool bath spares in case the need should ever arise. 

The golden rule for new bath owners

So now that you have the essentials down-pat, our last recommendation is simply this: try to keep to a regular cleaning schedule. We know that cleaning a bath isn’t the most fun you can have in the bathroom, but we also know that a whirlpool bath is a real investment – and it’s one you’ll want to enjoy for years to come. By setting a simple reminder at least once a month to take care of the essential cleaning jobs, you’ll be doing your future-self a favour by giving them the gift of unlimited dips in a luxury whirlpool bath – and who’s going to say no to that?

If you’re a brand-new whirlpool bath owner, we hope we’ve given you a few tips to keep your bath looking its best. There’s no better time to start good maintenance habits than today! Have a question about this or any of our bathroom products? 

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