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The Many Shapes and Sizes of Modern Whirlpool Baths


The Many Shapes and Sizes of Modern Whirlpool Baths

A whirlpool bath is a whirlpool bath, and they’re all pretty much the same...right?

Wrong. There are actually far more shape options for your whirlpool or spa bath than you may realise. Alongside your classic ‘long’ whirlpool bath shape, there are many other shapes that the shell of the bath can take. Some are aimed at pure luxury and indulgence, whilst others are more therapeutic in nature. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the whirlpool bath shapes you may not have heard of yet…

The corner bath

If you have a bathroom that’s on the cosy side, you’re probably very accustomed to finding space-saving ideas to make the place seem larger. But that doesn’t stop at a few hidden cupboards and storage baskets – you can also find whirlpool baths designed to save space. In fact, we at The Spa Bath Co. have a whole range of corner whirlpool baths that are designed to offer maximum luxury in a minimum of space. Corner baths are also a great choice if you have a bathroom that’s something other than your typical four-walled affair.

The L-shape bath

Here’s a whirlpool bath shape that’s almost as popular as the traditional long bath – and for good reason. The L-shape whirlpool bath is shaped this way to accommodate a shower at one end of the bath. Unlike some more conventional shower baths which don’t account for the additional space needed to shower properly, these L-shape whirlpool and Jacuzzi baths are perfect for taking a shower or having a bath. L-shaped baths also usually come complete with a shower screen to keep the rest of the bathroom dry and spotless.

The sit-down walk-in bath

Whether you want to make your bathing completely effortless, or you have a physical restriction that means getting in and out of a conventional bath is tricky, a sit-down walk-in bath can help. Designed to make whirlpool baths more accessible than ever, these baths come complete with a seat and a door so that you can simply walk in and sit down. Within seconds you’ll be enjoying the indulgent luxury that only a whirlpool bath can provide. Even better, these baths still benefit from full water jet spa systems – so it’s a win-win!

The Duo whirlpool bath

Looking for the ultimate in luxury? Well, if you’re bathing alone or spending some quality time with your other half, a Duo whirlpool bath is the real king of the hill. A Duo whirlpool bath is the bathing equivalent to a double-bed, giving enough space for two people to enjoy the full benefit of the spa bathing experience. Naturally, Duo baths offer the best of the best with many systems including full lighting and the maximum number of jets. Do bear in mind, however, that bathing Duo doesn’t always come cheap!

If you’re looking to improve your bathroom with a whirlpool bath of any shape or size, check out our full selection today or call our team.

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