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The Complete Guide to Thermostatic Taps in 2015


There’s no doubt that hot water can pose something of a risk in the home, especially with little ones around.

But what if you could have a guarantee that the hot tap would never produce water above a certain temperature? That’s exactly what thermostatic taps do, and they can be a fantastic (and potentially life-saving) addition to any bathroom. In 2015, thermostatic taps and mixing valves are more popular than ever before, especially in family homes. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide to what you need to know about thermostatic taps in 2015 and beyond.

What are thermostatic taps?

Because of the various needs of the modern home, water is often stored at temperatures that can exceed 50 or 60 degrees Celsius. What this means is that water from the hot tap has the potential to scald. A thermostatic tap is the solution to this problem. Using a thermostatic mixing valve, a thermostatic tap will ‘cap’ the temperature of the hot water at a safe limit. It does this by actively mixing cold water with the stream of hot water, which is then fed to the various outlets of the home such as the bath, shower, or thermostatic taps in the bathroom. Through this smart process, the technology is a true solution to the risk of scalding, and has other benefits too.

Protection from water failure

Another key reason that so many people are choosing thermostatic taps in 2015 is that they offer built-in protection against water failure. This refers to a scenario whereby the cold water that’s being mixed with the output of the thermostatic taps actually cuts off without warning. Although a very rare scenario, this feature of thermostatic taps provides protection from scalding and thermal shock which could occur from exposure to very hot water. It’s yet another reason that thermostatic taps are one of the safest additions you can make to your bathroom.

Thermostatic taps for baths and more

One of the best things about thermostatic taps is the fact that they are available for a range of different bathroom fixtures. For example, you can find thermostatic taps and valves that can be easily installed on your regular bath or whirlpool bath. This adds a layer of safety to an experience that’s already very stress-relieving. On top of that, thermostatic taps and valves are available in units that combine both bath taps with showers. The thermostatic tap mixers are the perfect way to create a safe environment in your bathroom while also saving a bit of money on the installation. If you’re looking for protection against both scalding and thermal shock, a set of thermostatic taps is a great way to go. Alternatively, you could look into having a thermostatic valve attached to your existing taps and pipework, although this can be more expensive.

In the end, it’s clear why thermostatic taps are becoming more and more popular in today’s bathrooms: great design, plenty of options, and above all: safety. 

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