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The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Basic Whirlpool Bath Shapes


Whether you’re actively searching for your next whirlpool bath, or you’re simply weighing up your options, it’s always a good idea to do as much research as possible. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with considerations like jet layouts, chromotherapy lighting, and more. So, in today’s article, we’d like to take things back to basics just a little, and discuss the fundamentals of the whirlpool bath: its shape. There are several available, each serving a different purpose – but which is the right one for you? Let’s find out.

Corner Whirlpool Baths

Let’s begin with a whirlpool bath shape that offers the best of both worlds. Space-saving and luxurious, a corner whirlpool bath is the ideal choice for anyone who has a smaller bathroom, or simply wants to preserve as much floor space as possible. A corner tub will allow you to enjoy the full suite of benefits of a spa bath without sacrificing too much precious space. 

Double-Ended Whirlpool Baths

With a centrally positioned plughole and waste, the double-ended whirlpool bath is the perfect bathtub choice for two. So, whether you like to share your bath-time with someone special, or you just want to spread out a little and enjoy the spacious tub, a double-ended whirlpool bath provides just what you need.

The Shower Bath Combo

Who doesn’t love saving a little space and money? With a Shower Bath combination tub, you can do exactly that. The shape of the whirlpool tub gently curves to allow a generous area to stand at one end for quick showers, while also providing a full complement of ultra-relaxing jets for the true spa experience. Not only that, but a shower bath combo means there’s no need to install a separate shower cabinet, meaning more floor space to go around.

Single-Ended Whirlpool Baths

This list wouldn’t be complete without that tried-and-true classic, the single-ended whirlpool bath. Conventionally designed to suit practically any bathroom décor you could imagine, a single-ended tub is the perfect upgrade if you’re new to the world of whirlpool baths. The design is almost identical to your conventional bathtub shape, with the key addition of those whirlpool jets; so it may look like a standard bathtub, but it certainly won’t feel like one.

Soaking Tubs

Looking for the ultimate in stress-busting luxury? Then you simply must try a soaking tub. Inspired by the tub designs from the Far East, a soaking tub is an immersive experience that’s starkly different from conventional tubs. Designed to be more compact and take up less floor space, a soaking tub is the very best way to make your bathroom stand out… in style.

If you’d like to dive into our huge range of whirlpool bath shapes, you can do so right now by exploring our online bath shop. Don’t forget that you can use the filters on the left of the screen to refine your search by bath shape. Have any questions? Call our friendly team anytime.

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