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The 5 Ultimate Whirlpool Bath Upgrades You Can Make in 2024


There’s no feeling quite like installing your first whirlpool bath. After all, you’ve just unlocked a world of indulgent relaxation that will last a lifetime. But why stop there? we offer an ever-growing range of whirlpool bath upgrades that can level up your spa bath experience.

Whether you want your baths to have more fizz, or you feel like setting the mood with lighting, here are our 5 ultimate upgrades for your whirlpool bath. 

#5: Air-spa system with additional jets

We’re sure you’re happy with your existing jet layout, but did you know you can add more jets to your bathtub? That’s right – and it’s easier than you might think. With the Jet Air Spa Upgrade, you can add a new set of air jets to the floor of your bath. These work in harmony with your existing jets to enhance your hydrotherapy experience and make your bathing even more indulgent.

#4: Whirlpool bath sound system

Who doesn’t love a little music when relaxing in the tub? With our unique Bath Sound System, you don’t even need to take a speaker into the bathroom with you, because your bathtub becomes the speaker. Yep – we’re not kidding. This is one upgrade that has to be heard to be believed. Using some fancy technology, the system vibrates the bathtub and water in such a way that the sound will surround you in a way you’ve never felt before.

#3: Inline Water Heater

Enjoy a long soak in the bath? this inline water heater will help keep the water hotter for longer.

#2: Whirlpool Jacuzzi overflow bath filler with waste

It’s easy to assume that all whirlpool baths require a set of taps – no ifs, no buts. In fact, there is an upgrade available that will not only eliminate the need for taps, but it’ll transform the look of your bathtub too. Our Whirlpool Jacuzzi Bath Filler with Push Button Waste & Overflow is an elegant combined solution for both filling your bath and serving as an overflow. In one simple motion, you can begin filling your tub; and in one more flick of the hand, you can stop it – all without the need for taps.

#1: Chromotherapy mood lighting system

We couldn’t put together a list of ultimate whirlpool bath upgrades for 2024 without this firm favorite: the Chromotherapy Mood Lighting System. Installed complete with a controller, this elegant system will transform your entire bathtub into a mood light. You’ll be able to change the colour of the water from red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, or violet whenever you please. Or you can enable the automatic mode and have the system gracefully cycle between the colours as you lie back and relax in your bubbly whirlpool bath. If you’ve never experienced underwater lighting before, 2024 is definitely the year to do so. From the gentle ripples of light that fill your bathroom when the system’s engaged, to the sheer indulgence of having a true spa experience at home, this is the ultimate whirlpool bath upgrade. Combine this with the whirlpool bath sound system and you may never leave home again!

 So, which of these top-notch upgrades would you make to your whirlpool bath? We understand it can be tricky to make that decision, so, if you need any free advice from our expert team of whirlpool bath aficionados.

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