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Blog: The 2022 Essential Bathroom Taps Buyer's Guide


It’s easy to see why some people think buying bathroom taps is simple. After all, they’re just taps, right? Well, if you’re remodelling your bathroom and you want everything to be just so, you’ll certainly understand how important small details can be. That’s why we’ve put together this bathroom taps buyer’s guide for 2015. So let’s get started.

 Choosing the right style 

The first place to start when choosing the right bathroom taps for your home is style. If you’re aiming for a particular aesthetic, such as modern or traditional, that will automatically exclude certain designs. Take the time to explore all of your options: would you prefer something like the Hudson Reed Open Spout Basin Mixer? Or would something like the Moods Ora Basin Filler be more up your street? Either way, check out every option and be sure it gels seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom design.

How many tap holes? 

Tap holes are one of those things that most people won’t consider until the last minute – and that can cost them. The sink, basin or bath you’ve chosen will have a specific number of tap holes that will define the type of bathroom taps you can choose. For example, a single tap hole is usually designed for a mono mixer tap, whereas two or three tap holes can accommodate a split design hot-and-cold tap. If you’re buying taps for your whirlpool bath and it’s made from fibreglass, there’s even the option of drilling extra holes – but speak to our experts first!

Material matters 

When it comes to material for your bathroom taps, there are two main considerations: the body and the finish. From a visual point of view, it’s better to look at the finish – although sometimes they’re one and the same. Popular finishes for modern bathroom taps include chrome, matte black, and solid brass. Each brings a slightly different effect to your bathroom, and it’s worth checking against your existing design to ensure there’s a good fit there.

 Under pressure 

The final thing to think about when picking out your bathroom taps is the water pressure. Not all taps are designed to handle all water pressures, so it pays to do your homework. Taps designed to work with high water pressure are usually marked as such; for example, the Moods Ricco Basin Mixer requires a minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar. If you fit a tap that either isn’t suitable for your existing water pressure, or one that can’t handle it, you could end up with a rather tricky situation.

If you need help finding out about your water pressure, be sure to ask one of the friendly team here at The Spa Bath Co. – we’d be happy to help. If you’re all set to pick out the perfect bathroom taps for your home, you’ll find a huge range in our online bath taps shop. 

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