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Size Doesn't Matter: How to Choose the Right Small Whirlpool Bath


There’s no denying the fact that whirlpool baths are regarded as a premium product. That said, it’s unsurprising that many people have an image of whirlpool baths being large-scale spa baths which require a lot of space. While there are a couple of whirlpool baths that fit this description, there are also plenty of small whirlpool bath options. If you’re looking for a whirlpool bath for a more compact bathroom, here are our recommendations for entering the world of small whirlpool baths. 

Choose the right shape for you

The first place to start when choosing a small whirlpool bath is with the actual shape of the bath’s shell. We already know that you’ll want something small in terms of pure dimensions, but the shape is also an important consideration. Here at The Spa Bath Co, you’ll find small whirlpool baths in both single-ended (your conventional bath form factor) and corner varieties. For example, if you’re looking for a single-ended option, something like the Trojan Cascade Whirlpool Bath – which clocks in at a size of 1500mm x 700mm—is a great choice. Want to try a corner small whirlpool bath? The Carron Bali Whirlpool Bath is a superb option too, and measure just 1200mm x 1200mm. 

How small will your small whirlpool bath be?

While we’re talking about small whirlpool baths, it’s important to note that many different sizes actually fall under this umbrella. In the range of small whirlpool baths we have in stock, you’ll find dimensions that range from 1050mm all the way up to 1675mm – which is the larger end of our small whirlpool baths… if that makes sense. On the smallest end of the spectrum, we have the Carrion Rio Whirlpool Corner Bath, which measures 1050mm x 1050mm. This is a lovely little bath that’s about as compact as they come. On the flip-side, you’ll find the Carron Imperial Whirlpool Bath, which is a conventional shaped bath that measures 1675mm x 700mm. 

Things to remember when buying a small whirlpool bath

Now that you’ve got the basics of buying a small whirlpool bath down pat, there are a couple of other things to remember. Even though a small whirlpool bath will naturally require less room than a larger sized one, you still need to consider the room required to get in and out of the bath. So make sure the bath doesn’t take up all of your available space! Finally, your small whirlpool bath experience will also be affected by the number of jets and the layout you choose. Luckily, you can also add jets to your bath after the fact, so call our team anytime if you’d like more info about that.  

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