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Single-Ended Baths vs. Double-Ended Baths: What's the Difference?


So… how many ends does your bath have? Don’t worry – if that question has you a little confused, you’re certainly not alone. Generally speaking, the ‘ends’ of our bathtubs are not something we ever think about, but if you’re on the search for a new whirlpool bath, this could be an important consideration. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore the differences between the two most common forms of whirlpool bath design: single-ended baths and double-ended baths.

What is a single-ended whirlpool bath?

Depending on how much attention you’ve paid to your bathtub in the past, you may not even be aware of it being single- or double-ended. Put simply, a single-ended bath is designed so that the taps and the waste are fitted to just one end of the tub. Additionally, single-ended tubs will often be gently curved so that one person can comfortably lie back and enjoy a good soak. Because the mechanical aspects of the bath are situated to one end of the bath shell, single-ended tubs are ideal for sitting flush against a wall, or even in a corner. Throw in a premium whirlpool system and you’ve got one of the best bathroom experiences you can have at home!

What is a double-ended whirlpool bath?

As the name suggests, a double-ended bath can generally accommodate two bathers at once; however, they’re still perfect if you’re going solo. Double-ended tubs differ from their single-ended counterparts in that both the taps and the waste are fitted in the centre of the shell. This means that both ends of the bath can be designed with a slope to allow two people to lie back and relax at the same time – without one of you getting jabbed by the taps! Double-ended bathtub designs are frequently seen in freestanding baths as they allow for more freedom in positioning, as well as making it easier to disguise the pipework. Again, the vast majority of double-ended bath shells are also available with whirlpool options for the ultimate bathing experience.

How to choose the bath design for you

So, which of these two options is right for your bathroom? Well, generally speaking, this will come down to the space you have to play with. If you’re planning to set your bath against a wall, the single-ended whirlpool bath is a great option as you won’t need additional space to the rear for the necessary pipework. However, if you’re planning on positioning your bath with a little more space around it, you have the freedom to look into a double-ended whirlpool bath too. In this case, you’ll have a lot more flexibility about where in your bathroom your whirlpool bath will sit – and you’ll always have the option to share the bath with someone else, should the need arise…

We hope we’ve given you the info you need to make an informed choice about single-ended and double-ended baths. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can find both types of whirlpool bath in our online bath shop. Have any questions about our tubs? If so, you can call the team anytime.

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