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Showerheads: The Affordable Way to Make a Big Difference in Your Bathroom


Showerheads: The Affordable Way to Make a Big Difference in Your Bathroom

We all want to find ways to improve our quality of life, but sometimes life’s little luxuries can be a little on the pricey side. But did you know that one of the most affordable upgrades you can make to your bathroom is also one that makes the biggest difference? We’re talking, of course, about showerheads. These are easily overlooked, but hugely beneficial if you pick the right one. In today’s blog post, we’ll discover how a new showerhead can transform your bathroom experience – without breaking the bank.

Why showerheads make a difference

The first thing to focus on is how exactly a new showerhead can improve your bathroom. There are a couple of main ways in which it does this. First and foremost, a showerhead will be an improvement for your personal showering experience. Depending on your previous showerhead, the difference could be incredible; especially if you’ve been using a standard plastic showerhead that came with the unit. The next way a showerhead can improve your bathroom is from a design and aesthetics point of view. Depending on the model you choose, you can really bring a touch of 5-star premium style into your bathroom.

A new showering experience for your home

The reason that many people recommend a new showerhead as a cheap yet effective upgrade for the bathroom is really down to the experience it offers. If you’ve been using a showerhead which is small in size and has relatively few settings to choose from, you may be amazed at what’s possible. Take something like the Ultra Round Fixed Showerhead, for example. It’s priced at less than £50, yet it provides a wonderful showering experience that’s akin to standing in a blissfully warm rain shower. These large diameter showerheads increase the size of the water flow, meaning you’ll feel enveloped in a world of relaxation of luxury.

A word of advice about water pressure

Before you dive in and purchase a brand new showerhead, we’d recommend that you first check the operating water pressure of the unit you’re considering. Some units require a specific amount of pressure, like 0.5 bar, in order to work as designed. This will also ensure that you have a great experience every time you use your new showerhead. Having said that, some showerheads will work with any water supply and are almost guaranteed to be an improvement in comparison to the more conventional everyday showerheads that comes packaged with shower units. It’s also worth measuring the amount of space you have available in your shower, as some of the larger diameter showerheads can take up a surprising amount of space. After all, you can’t get that rainforest shower experience without a little room to maneuver!

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