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Shower vs. Bath: The Ultimate Grudge Match


For many of us, the bathroom is home to both a bath and a shower, giving the luxury of choice at all times. But if your bathroom is on the smaller side, for example in a flat or apartment, you may be faced with a choice. So is a bath right for you, or could a shower alone be the right choice? In today's article, we'll play host to the ultimate grudge match: shower vs. bath!

 Water economy 

There has always been something of an argument about whether a bath or a shower uses more water. The unfortunate truth is that it depends on a number of factors. However, if we want to speak purely statistically, the average 8-minute shower in the UK uses around 65 litres of water, whereas an average bath will use 80 litres. Bear in mind, however, that many of the power showers on the market can use upwards of 100 litres. So, you see, it really does depend. Always look at the flow rate of the shower and the capacity of the bath for the facts about water economy.


It may not seem important, but to some people accessibility can be the most important factor of all. The reasons for this differ from person to person, but include things such as age and disability. For example, very small kids may not benefit from a very large bath, and people with back problems may prefer a shower so as not to have to bend down too much. In any case, for pure accessibility, a shower will generally be the wiser choice as they are step-in, step-out.


Design is a very subjective consideration, with some people liking one style and others another. But it can’t be denied that there is a world of choice out there for anyone looking for either a new bath, shower, or both. In fact, with one of the many over-bath showers, you can easily have the best of both worlds! From a cleanliness standpoint, you’ll often find that a bath is easier to keep clean than a shower, simply because of the water runoff benefits of the curved surface. However, with the right cleaning products, showers can be low-maintenance too.

 The relaxation factor

Last, but by no means least, let’s look at the relaxation factor. Both a shower and a bath will offer a certain level of relaxation, with the warm water triggering the release of de-stressing hormones. But can one be said to be more relaxing than the other? Well, in the case of whirlpool baths, potentially yes! With the right jet layout, and perhaps even a sound and light system, a whirlpool bath can become the ultimate tool for relaxation. Music, mood lighting and fizzy bubbles of pure joy – can a shower ever beat that? We’d love to know if you think so! So there you have it: all the evidence is on the table, so it’s up to you to decide.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find a huge range of both whirlpool baths and top-notch showers in our extensive online bathroom shop. Have questions? Call the team.

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