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Pimp My Bathroom: 4 Inspiring Ingredients of a Celebrity Bathroom


One of the best things about the technological boom over the last few decades is that things once thought the reserve of the mega-rich are now within reach for many of us. One of the best examples of this is — you guessed it — whirlpool baths. While we may be biased, there’s simply nothing like enjoying the indulgent fizz of a spa bath from the comfort of home. But, we wondered, what other celebrity adornments are possible today?

From that thought we’ve discovered and compiled 4 inspiring bathroom ideas which could turn your bathroom into a room fit for a celeb. It’s time to get a bit glam…

1. The freestanding bath

Here’s a stone-cold, all-time classic idea that simply screams “celebrity”. With a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom, you’ve got an instant focal point for the entire space. Not only do freestanding tubs look striking, they’re also a common inclusion at 5-star hotels and premium spas – and, of course, celebrity homes. In fact, if you really wanted to push the boat out with this one, you could install a freestanding bath in your bedroom. How adventurous are you feeling?

2. The “experience shower”

Now, we’re not here to judge, but sometimes you’ve got to really wonder where celebrities get some of their ideas. Back in 2011, rapper Drake installed what he calls an “experience shower” in his bathroom. As you might imagine, this is no ordinary shower – far from it. Drake’s experience shower is fully lit by LEDs embedded in the surrounding walls, features water-jets, and (of course) the rainforest showerhead. The final touch? Drake’s shower can spray the scent of your choosing on-command. Fancy a dash of lavender during your shower? It’s possible at the touch of a button.

3. The fish tank wall

You may be sensing a trend here, but there’s another rapper who’s chosen something on the wacky side for his bathroom: Kanye West. Word has it that the enigmatic musician has installed a wall right next to his bathtub – except it’s not just any old wall, it’s a fish tank. It doesn’t get much more ostentatious than that! That said, if you find Kanye’s choice inspiring, you could always do something similar, albeit in a more everyday way, by simply bringing a regular fish tank into your bathroom – like one of the stylish “biOrb” designs. Provided it’s powered in a safe manner, this can be a great way to bring some life into your bathroom – without the celebrity price-tag.

4. A premium whirlpool bath (plus all the trimmings)

If there’s one thing we all associate with celebrity, it’s lavish expense. For that reason, one way you could experience the celebrity lifestyle at home is by going all out with your whirlpool bath purchase. If you’re up to it, you’ll find that the Carron Celsius Duo ticks all the right boxes. At almost £4000, it’s by far our most luxurious whirlpool bath, but it’s not hard to see why. Designed for two bathers, the tub features two independent air-jet systems, each with 13 dedicated jets, for the ultimate spa bath experience. Each person can adjust the jets in a way that suits them best, or even switch off a jet entirely – whatever you fancy. This is the tub with the largest price-tag at The Whirlpool Bath Shop, so if you’re looking for the celebrity lifestyle, you’ve found it.

 Are you feeling a little bit “extra” right now? If so, why not hop in and explore our range of premium whirlpool baths? Don’t worry – they’re ideal for all budgets. Have any questions about installation, delivery, or anything else? Call our friendly team anytime.

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