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Our Essential Top Tips for Keeping Your Cool This Summer


It’s officially the start of the British summer, and while it may not be tropical yet, it’s just around the corner.

The UK isn’t known for the most scorching of summer periods, but we’re always treated to at least a few weeks of heat and humidity. That may be a nice change at first, but after a while it’s easy to get hot and bothered. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for cooling off when the sun kicks into high gear this year.

The 'cool wrist' trick

Here's one that's something of an urban legend, but does actually work. At least in our experience. It involves the cooling of your wrists so as to bring the overall temperature of your bloodstream down. If you've got access to a set of wristbands, like those used in tennis, try soaking them in iced water for a few minutes then slip them on. You might just be surprised at how much your body temperature will be reduced.

Try a cool shower

Not all of us have the gumption to hop into a truly cold shower. If you do, it's a great way to get cool fast, but for the rest of us, a reduced temperature shower can do a lot of good too. By changing the water temperature down a few notches, you can enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing shower with the added plus of chilling out. Literally.

Make a swamp cooler

Sometimes, on those really hot and humid days, a fan will do nothing more than push warm air around. In these cases, a swamp cooler can be a real boon. Also known as an evaporative cooler, you essentially need to place a bowl of ice as close to the front of the fan as possible. As the ice melts, cold air will rise past the air steam and fill the room. Depending on the size of the fan and the room, you can actually drop the temperature by a good few degrees. And that can make all the difference in a humid environment.

Up your water intake

Here’s a simple but effective solution: cool your body down by drinking more water. Seems almost obvious doesn’t it? But many of us forget to stay hydrated, especially when it’s hot. By drinking more water, you’ll replenish the liquid you’re sweating out, and hence be able to cool yourself more effectively. Pop a few blocks of ice in the glass and you can reap double the benefits – and there’s nothing like a glass of ice-cold water on a hot day.

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