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Materials Matter: How to Choose the Right Shell Material for Your Whirlpool Bath


It’s easy to focus on the many ‘mod cons’ of whirlpool baths: jet layouts, sound systems, lighting, and so on. But there’s a more fundamental decision that all new whirlpool bath buyers need to make before placing that order: the actual shell material of the bath. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore the various whirlpool bath shell material options you’ll find here at The Spa Bath Co.


We’ll begin with the shell material that’s probably the most common: acrylic. Of course, there’s a reason that so many whirlpool bath manufacturers choose acrylic for their bathtub designs. It’s a time-tested material that’s durable, long-lasting, and available in plenty of premium finishes for the perfect bathroom aesthetic. Of course, the classic choice is a high-shine gloss white acrylic, available in baths such as the ever-popular Aquaestil Apollo whirlpool bath. Acrylic baths also offer additional benefits such as having great heat retention and being less expensive to manufacture. All in all, these are a great all-round choice for your whirlpool bath.


There is another variant of acrylic that you’ll see quite often in our store, and that’s carronite. This material is exclusive to baths manufactured by Carron (as the name suggests) and is actually a unique treatment process that’s applied to acrylic itself. In a nutshell, carronite is designed to offer the sturdy build quality of a cast iron bathtub, combined with all of the benefits of an acrylic shell. The key benefit of carronite is in its sheer strength; according to Carron, an upturned bath made of carronite could support the weight of a lorry! We’re not sure how they tested that, but still…


Next up, we’ll take a brief look at steel whirlpool baths. We’ll just mention the benefits in passing, as we recently covered steel whirlpool baths in detail in one of our blog posts. Essentially, a steel whirlpool bath’s benefits all stem from its strength. As you’ll no doubt be aware, steel is one of the strongest materials known to man, and it’s an excellent retainer of heat, all of which makes it a perfect choice for whirlpool baths. The steel itself is covered in smooth enamel to ensure a premium quality finish and seamless aesthetic.

A wooden whirlpool bath?

While we don’t yet stock any wooden whirlpool baths or Jacuzzi hot tubs here there is a way you can feature a wood finish in your bathroom. You can install one of our range of wooden bath panels, which include premium finishes such as Marine Oak, Driftwood, Light Walnut, and more. These wooden bath panels are a great compromise regardless of the shell material you choose for your whirlpool bath – and they’re a cost-effective solution too.

 Now that you’ve got the inside track on the various options for the finish of your whirlpool bath, you’re all set to explore the full whirlpool bath range. Of course, if you have any questions about our products or installation, you can always call the team.

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