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Is Humidity Causing You Bathroom Problems? Here's How to Fix It


Bathrooms are naturally places that are home to lots of moisture, but without the right management, problems can arise.

If you’ve noticed issues like mould growth, musty smells, or condensation on windows, you may have excess humidity. But fear not: there’s no need to take drastic measures to tackle the humidity. There are a few methods you can employ quickly and easily at home to bring the humidity level and restore balance to your bathroom. Read on for our handy tips.

Open windows when possible

Perhaps the biggest reason for a build-up of moisture is lack of air movement. When there’s no through-breeze, it’s easy for moisture to stick to walls and crevices, causing the issues you might already be facing. One simple solution is to keep your bathroom windows open as much as possible. Naturally, if you’re on the ground floor, this might not be possible – but it’s a fix that’s easy and quick to implement.

Install an extractor fan

Another option if you’re unable to keep windows open is to install an extractor fan. These can effectively divert moist air from the bathroom to the outdoors, meaning the humidity levels remain comfortable at all times. You can even hook up your extractor fan to the lighting system to that it activates every time someone uses your bathroom.

Introduce some greenery

This one might sound a little on the odd side, but adding a green plant to your bathroom can in fact contribute to reduced humidity. The reason is that, through the plant’s natural ‘breathing’ process, it will extract moisture from the air to use itself. When a plant is sucking up the humidity, there will be much less chance of a mold build-up or other problems. On top of that, plants can make a bathroom look great too!

Add a discreet bowl of rice

Okay, so perhaps this one will take first place in the oddness stakes, but a bowl of rice can be a very effective anti-humidity weapon. By filling a small bowl with dry rice and leaving it in a discreet corner of the room, you can remove some of the moisture from the air. It’s not just rice that works either – you can also try using bicarbonate of soda, which will have a similar humidity-extracting effect.

Don’t neglect your grouting

If you have tiles on your bathroom wall, it’s vital that the grouting is kept in top condition. The reason is that this material is actually waterproof, preventing the growth of mould and that musty odour that often comes with humidity. We’d recommend that you check on your grouting at least once every six months and try to replace it if it appears degraded or entirely worn away.

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