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2024 - How to Spring Clean Your Whirlpool Bath


How to Spring Clean Your Whirlpool Bath (The Easy Way)

The daffodils are blooming, there’s blossom on the trees, and even the sun is making the occasional appearance. That can mean only one thing: spring is finally here. And while it’s one of the loveliest times of the year, it also brings with it the (sometimes dreaded) spring cleaning! But to make things in your bathroom super-easy this year, we’ve whipped up an easy-peasy guide to spring cleaning your whirlpool bath. So grab your rubber gloves, it’s time to get started!

The spring cleaning routine

There are a couple of different strategies you can use to make your whirlpool bath glisten like new, which we’ll go into later. But first, we’ll explain our recommended steps for cleaning out your whirlpool bath’s jet system. To do this, you’ll need a quality whirlpool bath cleaning fluid, which will both clean and de-grease your bath. Once you have the cleaner at the ready, follow these steps:

  • First, fill up your whirlpool bath with cold water and add approximately 100ml of the cleaning fluid.
  • To reduce the amount of bubbles and optimise cleaning, we recommend that you switch off the bath’s air valve.
  • Run the bath for 10 minutes, ensuring that the room is well-ventilated.
  • When time is up, empty the bath, refill it, and repeat the steps above.

You’ll be able to see the dirt and grime from your bath’s pipes showing up in the water, so repeat the steps until the water is clean and clear.  This process is a great way to give a deep clean to your bath – but it’s not just for spring! You can use whirlpool bath cleaning fluid all year round to keep your bath in tip-top shape.

Ongoing bath maintenance

Spring cleaning generally happens once a year, but there are things you can do to keep your bath looking great all year round – in addition to the steps we listed above. For example, once you’ve finished having a bath, we recommend that you always rinse of any residue from the bath’s shell with hot soapy water. In additional, you can also drop in a whirlpool bath sanitising tablet once your bath is finished, then run the system for a couple of minutes. This is a great way to ensure that grease and grime doesn’t build up over time, and can actually make spring cleaning much easier.

Choose the right cleaning products

It’s easy to assume that you can use any regular bathroom cleaner with your whirlpool bath, but there are some do’s and don’ts. For example, you should never use an abrasive cleaner on an acrylic bath, because it can damage the shell’s surface. Likewise, you shouldn’t use abrasive products on chrome or gold-plated whirlpool baths for the same reason. Another common bathroom cleaner is bleach, and again we don’t recommend that you use this on acrylic shells because it’ll cause damage. Lots of supermarket products are made to be gentle on bathroom surfaces, but you can also play it safe by mixing vinegar with warm water and using that on bathroom grime – so give it a go.

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