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How to Plan Your Spa Bathroom the Smart Way (And Avoid The Pitfalls)


How to Plan Your Spa Bathroom the Smart Way (And Avoid The Pitfalls)

There are few things more exciting than seeing a plan for a bathroom come together.

But much as the end result is always more than worth it, the process isn’t always stress-free. There are a number of reasons that whirlpool and spa bathroom plans can go awry – from misplaced units to badly installed plumbing. If you’re about to hit the drawing board, there are a number of ways that you can plan your bathroom in a smarter way, helping you to avoid the pitfalls. So without further ado, let’s look at exactly how to plan a spa bathroom… the smart way.

 “No man is an island” 

Much as many of us would like to be able to do it all ourselves, when it comes to interior design, it’s just not possible. If you want to be able to plan, design and implement a whirlpool bathroom in way that’s practical, you need external input. Whether the collaboration comes from friends, family or professionals is totally up to you, but a second opinion is always a good idea. In fact, having a professional project manager in place for your bathroom design is actually a fantastic choice – but more on that later.

Whip up a visual mockup 

Sometimes when you’re looking at bathroom furniture, units and even ornaments on paper (or the web), it’s not possible to get an overall picture. Sure, you’ll be able to roughly know which colours go with which, but without a real overview, mistakes can be made. If you can, it’s a good idea to use some photo editing software to plan out both the aerial / plan view of the room at the earliest stages, and then actually bring in images of the decorative elements later on. These mockups will really help you (and anyone helping you) bring the room to life in the right way.

Hire a professional 

There are a few things you can do yourself to avoid the pitfalls of bathroom design planning, but if you really want things to be water-tight (no pun intended), it pays to bring in a professional. By hiring a specialist design project manager, you can set aside all of your worries. The reason is that a project manager will have all the experience, all of the contacts, and all of the expertise to really make your plan shine. If there’s even a hint of doubt about your personal experience and ability to bring the bathroom plan to fruition, a design project manager can really pay for themselves – so it’s well worth looking into the service and seeing if there’s a good fit there for you.

Whatever you decide to do, creating your very own whirlpool or spa bathroom is incredibly rewarding. And don’t forget: once it’s done, it’ll be time to put your feet up, lie back in the bubbles, and just relax. There’s some motivation for you!

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