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How to Give Your Bathroom a 5-Star Hotel Makeover


Have you ever visited a premium 5-star hotel and wondered if it would be possible to enjoy that kind of luxury at home? If so, we may just have the answer. For a full transformation into something fit for a 5-star hotel, you’d need shedloads of cash, but there is a less expensive option. With our handy tips, you can make just a few small (and affordable) changes to create the 5-star hotel experience in your very own home. Let’s get started.

 Heated towel rails 

Many homes already come with heated towel rails built in, but for those of us who don’t have them, they can be a real luxury. There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a warm, cosy towel after taking a relaxing dip, and towel rails are essential for this. You can find a huge range of heated towel rails in a range of colours and finishes, and fitting them in your bathroom can actually be quite easy. Be sure to speak to a professional about fitting first, but with the a little work you can enjoy all of the benefits that heated towel rails can bring.

 Bath panels 

You may have noticed that lots of high-end hotels include baths with eye-catching outer casings with effects like wood and even matte black or chrome. These casings aren’t always part of the bathtub itself. In fact, you can create a similar effect in your bathroom by installing a new set of bath panels. These fit to the side of the bath and can bring an all-new premium feel to your bathroom – without needing to bring in an all-new bath.

 A new set of taps 

It’s the small things that add up to luxury in a premium hotel, and the taps in a bathroom are one of these. If you’ve never considered your bathroom taps, why not take a look into replacing them? This can be one of the easiest jobs to accomplish yourself, and it can be one that makes the biggest impact. You can find a huge range of modern and stylish taps for baths and sinks at a price that may surprise you.

 The bath shower screen

Another premium addition you’ll often find in 5-star hotels is a clear bath shower screen. These sit to the side of the bath and act to protect the bathroom from the spray of water. Essentially, a bath shower screen is an evolved version of the shower curtain. If you’ve been using a curtain for years and never thought about a change, a bath shower screen can be a superb way to create that premium, high-end feeling without breaking the bank. Bath shower screens can be found in all shapes and sizes, so it’s worth doing your research!

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