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How Colour Therapy Could Transform Your Bathing Experience (One Way or the Other)


How Colour Therapy Could Transform Your Bathing Experience (One Way or the Other) 

Did you know that there’s far more to colours than initially meets the eye?

In fact, many people believe that colours (specifically coloured lights) possess therapeutic properties that can help a range of health issues. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore exactly what colour therapy is, and how you can use it in your whirlpool bath with the help of the chromotherapy lights range.

 What is chromotherapy? 

Also known as ‘colour therapy’, chromotherapy is an alternative form of medical treatment that’s used by some for a number of different afflictions. Proponents of this type of therapy claim that it can be used to restore balance to a person’s energy levels, and thus treat problems on multiple levels including emotional, spiritual, and mental. Whether or not colour therapy is a scientific fact is somewhat beside the point, because even if it’s a placebo, there are countless people across the world who find relief this way. It could be that the lights really just alter mood, providing relaxation and stress-relief… and where’s the harm in that?

Chromotherapy in your bathroom 

So how can you bring the power of light into your bathroom to create a more relaxing environment? Well, with The Whirlpool Bath Shop, it’s easier than you might think. We have a range of different chromotherapy-based products that you can install into your existing whirlpool bath to create the soft-lit moods required for colour therapy. Because the therapy is claimed to work via different colours: red, blue, green and so on, the LED lights found in our chromotherapy products can change colour to produce each of these shades as required. There’s nothing quite like the gentle colour changes underwater to really make your bath time special and relaxing. And did you know that you can also install a sound system into your bath to work alongside the lights? It’s true! But we’ll talk about that some other time

 Re-energise with chromotherapy lights

Whether you’re a believer in colour therapy or not, having a set of chromotherapy lights installed in your whirlpool bath can make a world of difference. We can all enjoy the wonderful mood and ambiance created by the soft change-colour LEDs that sit just below the surface. Combine this light show with the stress-relieving bubbles created by your whirlpool bath, and you can see why so many people in the UK have already had chromotherapy lights installed into their tub. Whether you want to create a single colour shade to spread throughout the bathroom, or you’d prefer a subtle change of colour over time, most of the LED chromotherapy lights we offer can perform this very task for you at home.

 Have we piqued your interest about colour therapy? You might just be amazed at how much of a difference it could make to your bath time, whether you’re a ‘believer’ or not. Explore our full range of chromotherapy whirlpool bath lights now

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