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Heat Things Up at Home with a Brand New Sauna Cabin


When it comes to enjoying a touch of luxury at home, it doesn’t get much better than a whirlpool bath – or does it? Here we’re always looking for new ways to make your bathroom that little bit more luxurious, and we think we’ve hit the jackpot with our all-new home sauna cabins. If you’re looking for the very best in bathroom style and pure extravagance, we’ll spend today’s blog post explaining exactly how a home sauna cabin can heat things up in your home.

What is a home sauna cabin?

You’re certain to be familiar with the classic concept of the sauna: originating in Sweden, these all-wood cabins are traditionally heated via a stoked fire and evaporated water on hot coals. But because of space limitations and (let’s face it) health and safety concerns, home sauna cabins are a little bit different. We’ll talk about the underlying technology a little later, but in a nutshell, a home sauna cabin is a compact unit that fits perfectly into even small bathrooms. With additions like colour therapy and aromatherapy units, there’s plenty to love about home sauna cabins.  

The under-the-hood technology

The exterior of each of our home sauna cabins is made from a premium-quality wood from sustainable sources, but it’s what’s on the inside that really makes the difference. Using an energy-efficient power system, our home sauna cabins leverage an innovate infrared heating system which is safe and efficient. This high-tech solution creates the essential spa experience without the need for plumes of steam filling up your home. Pretty handy, right? On top of that, every home sauna cabin comes with an audio system, 7-colour lighting, and a lifetime warranty. That’s plenty to get excited about – but the main focus of these cabins is, of course, relaxation. 

Choosing the right home sauna cabin

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction into exactly how home sauna cabins work (and why they’re so great), you might well be considering one for yourself. But before you jump in with both feet, it’s important to be aware of all of your options. At The Spa Bath Co, you’ll find at least three variations of the home sauna cabin, each tailored to different bathrooms and different needs. If you like a little solitude now and then, the Health-Mate 1 Person Sauna Cabin is a great choice for you, as it allows one person to recline or two people to sit and enjoy a sauna. Want a home sauna cabin that fits 2 or more people? You’ll find exactly that in our online sauna cabin shop – find the link below!

Whether this is the first you’ve heard of home sauna cabins, or you’re just seeing what’s available, you can check out our full range of home sauna cabins right now. Have a question about installation or anything else? Call our team now.

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