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Going Green: How Whirlpool Bath Technology is Embracing Sustainability


There is a real focus in the media and the wider world right now on sustainability – and for good reason. With global warming, limited resources, and so on, there are plenty of reasons to ensure our technology is easy on the environment. You may be surprised to learn that whirlpool baths are also becoming more green-focused over time. In fact, it has never been easier to find a whirlpool bath which is designed to be eco-friendly – and we at The Whirlpool Bath Shop can help. But what exactly makes a whirlpool bath ‘green’, and how are manufacturers embracing sustainability? Let’s find out.

 Leveraging recyclable materials

With 43% of UK households already recycling on a regular basis, it’s no wonder that consumers are beginning to expect that manufacturers used recycled materials where possible. In the case of whirlpool baths, it’s actually relatively pain-free to replace regular materials with recycled versions. For example, the outer shell of a whirlpool bath is very often made of a hard plastic-like material, which can be sourced from recycled sources. Likewise, the metals and other materials used in the whirlpool bath’s internals can generally be found from sustainable sources. Bath ranges such as the Cleargreen Whirlpool Baths we have in our shop actually use 30% recycled materials – and are well worth a look for the environmentally conscious buyer.

 Improving design to retain heat

Heat wastage is one of the number one reasons that baths need to be refilled or topped up, which can in itself mean the use of power, fuel and heating for the water. Older whirlpool baths (and regular ones) were not designed to keep heat in in any real way. That meant that the bath would go from too hot to too cold very quickly, making using the bath not as pleasurable as it should be. It also meant topping up the bath with more hot water regularly. With a newer whirlpool bath, you’ll find that the shells are built in such a way that they can retain their heat for 30 minutes (or more) longer than regular baths. That means less hot water usage, and less heat wastage – it’s a win-win!

Smart design to reduce water usage

Another key environmental consideration for whirlpool bath manufacturers is the amount of water used in the bath. Each whirlpool bath will have a different capacity, i.e. the amount of water needed to fill it. However, through smart design and the utilisation of certain shapes, it’s possible to reduce the amount of water needed whilst retaining the luxury feeling of the bath being full. By being aware of displacement (the pushing up of the water when you get in), manufacturers can reduce the total amount of water needed by some margin. Additionally, and specific to the whirlpool baths, designers can add efficiencies to the jet system to make sure as little water is wasted as possible.

 As you can see, there are lots of things whirlpool bath manufacturers are doing to keep their baths eco-friendly. So if you’re waiting on a green solution to your bathing needs, isn’t it time you took a dip? 

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