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Going Green: How to Run Your Bathroom in the Most Sustainable Way


We’re living in a world where caring for the environment is more important than ever. With hot-button topics like renewable energies and global warning always in the news, there’s a lot to be said for running your home in an energy-efficient way. In that spirit, the team has come up with a list of simple ways you can run your bathroom in a more sustainable way. Going green might be easier than you think…

Tactic 1: Understand where your energy is being spent 

While water is probably the biggest eco-concern in a bathroom, electricity usage matters too. Features like electric showers and heated towel rails can all draw on the power supply to greater or lesser extent, so it's a good idea to check the power consumption of these features and adjust usage accordingly. The other direct benefit you'll see is, of course, a less costly energy bill!

Tactic 2: Actively reduce your water usage (and flush less)

Just like electricity, and perhaps even more so, your water consumption must be actively monitored. Did you know, for example, that flushing the toilet can use up to 13 litres every time you push the handle? Flushing less frequently is one way to reduce water usage. Likewise, showering for a couple less minutes every time you jump in the shower can add up to big savings for your water bill – not to mention the environment! Alternatively, you could always just jump in an eco-friendly whirlpool bath instead!

Tactic 3: Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products 

When it comes to cleaning products, the decision isn’t always an easy one. On the one hand, you need a cleaner that will work well, but on the other, you want something that’ll be gentle and safe. Luckily, there are ways that you can have both. There are plenty of cleaning products out there which are certified to be eco-friendly and use non-toxic chemicals to product their cleaning effects. In addition, there are plenty of age-old “home remedies” you can use for cleaning – from bicarbonate of soda to white vinegar (although we’d strongly recommend not mixing those two).

Tactic 4: Install an eco-friendly whirlpool bath 

If there’s one thing that’s essential to a bathroom, it’s the bath itself. But not all conventional baths are designed to be eco-friendly, and heat retention is a key reason for this. If you’ve ever had a bath go cold on you, it’s tempting to top it up with more hot water, but that’s not always the most economical answer. One great solution to this is investing in a new Cleargreen whirlpool bath. Designed to retain heat for up to 30 minutes longer than a regular bath, they’re a great way to save heating energy. Oh, and they’re made of 30% recycled materials too, so they’re sustainable to the core.

Have you got any eco-friendly bathroom tips that we missed from our list? If so, be sure to share them via the comments or social media. And for more information about the ways in which our whirlpool baths are more eco-friendly than ever, you can call us anytime.

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