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Give Your Bathroom a Shabby Chic Makeover This Summer


If you’ve been following interior design trends over the last few months, you may well have heard about ‘shabby chic’.

Whilst the name itself may seem like something of a contradiction in terms, this design style is actually one of easiest to implement in your bathroom. Even better, shabby chic stylings are often the most affordable, meaning you can give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank. On top of that, many of our most popular bathroom products and accessories blend seamlessly with a shabby chic interior. So in that spirit, with today’s post we’ll share a few inspiration ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

What is shabby chic?

Before we make a start, it might be worth defining exactly what shabby chic is. There are a few key indicators that really define this design style, and the single most prominent is probably the distressed effect. Imagine paint that’s been worn away over time and you’ll have a good sense of what we mean. Shabby chic items are often made from wood, but you’ll also see lots of vintage-inspired items like hanging signs, chalkboards and the like. Anything that isn’t overly flashy and has a sense of being old-but-new can usually be categorised as shabby chic. So how can you bring that feeling to your bathroom?

The best shabby chic products for the bathroom

One of the reasons that getting that shabby chic look is so achievable is that the products are often small and relatively low-cost. That’s right: there aren’t any shabby chic whirlpool baths on the market just yet. But there are plenty of other products you can pick from to give you that same vibe. Products such as potpourri, distressed wooden storage boxes, wicker baskets, metallic ‘retro’ signs and others are a great idea. In addition to the small accessories, you can also find vintage-inspired mirrors with that distressed effect. These can really serve as a focal point for the room and bring that extra touch of style to your bathroom. If you really want to push the boat out, (and you’re feeling brave), you can find toilet seats with retro designs for something really individual.

Complementing a shabby chic interior

So once you’ve sprinkled a few shabby chic accessories around your bathroom, what else can you do to enhance the aesthetic? Well, there are a few ideas you’ll find right here in our whirlpool bath shop. For example, if you’ve chosen any wooden shabby chic products, they’ll blend perfectly with a set of wooden bath panels for your whirlpool bath. Another great idea for a complementary bathroom product for shabby chic inspiration is traditional taps for the sink or bath. You’ll find a huge range of taps on offer that give that truly vintage style, either with the classic white handles or the stylized chrome finish.

Are you ready to give your bathroom a shabby chic makeover? If so, call our team today.

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