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Futuristic Relaxation: What’s the Next Step for the Spa Bath?


Futuristic Relaxation: What’s the Next Step for the Spa Bath? 

One of the most exciting things about spa and whirlpool baths is that the technology is always evolving. Look back just a few years or so and compare it to the offerings here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop, and you’ll see that spa baths have really improved. But what is the next step for spa baths, and how will they change as we head into the future? In this article we’d like to explore that, and potentially give you a glimpse of how you’ll be kicking back and relaxing in a decade or two…

Built-in sound and light systems

If there’s one thing that can make a spa bath even more relaxing, it’s the addition of light and sound. You can already find examples of modern underwater lighting and sound systems for our current whirlpool baths, and we’d expect the range will only grow in the future. With full smart device integration already growing in popularity, you can expect to be able to fully control your spa bath from your phone or tablet. That means you’ll be able to pick music tracks and adjust the lighting to create the perfect mood for you.

 Evolved designs

Some of the more high-end spa baths of today are already offering us glimpses of what’s to come. For example, in terms of pure design, we’re seeing many multi-bather options, with spa baths being designed for more than just one person. On top of this, the shapes of the baths themselves are evolving too. Rather than your classic long bath shape, it’s likely that the ‘hot tub’ style bath design will become more prevalent. And with this new take on the design will come new options for jet layouts for improved bathing experiences across the board.

Smart control

You can now control many different aspects of your home with your various smart devices, so why not your spa bath too? As we mentioned above, lighting and sound control is one option – but there are plenty more possibilities. For example, how about being able to actively control the temperature of your spa bath via an app? Or even the intensity of the water jets? With this level of fine-grain control over your bathing, it certainly seems that the spa baths of tomorrow will have a lot to offer. It’s also easy to imagine that with a fully ‘smart’ home, you’ll be able to run a bath remotely and tweak all of the settings to your particular tastes. Doesn’t that sound tempting?

 If you can’t lay your hands on a time machine right now, there are plenty of modern spa bath options for you to explore. Check out our wide range of spa baths in our online shop today. And if you have any questions about spa baths or any other bathroom accessories, you can get in touch on the phone.

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