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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Baths


If you’re already the proud owner of a relaxing whirlpool bath, or you’re in the market for one, you probably know all about the many benefits they bring. But there’s much more to baths and bathtubs in general that may just surprise you. We’ve trawled the web and tracked down five unusual facts about baths – most of which we’re almost certain you won’t have heard before! So without further ado, here are five things you (probably) didn’t know about baths…

5. A bath actually uses less water than a shower

 It’s a commonly held belief that baths are something of a ‘water-hog’, with showering frequently cited as being more water-efficient. The reality is actually quite the opposite. A standard power shower in a home will use up to 136 litres of water per use. A regular bath, on the other hand, will use just 80 litres of water: that adds up to quite a saving over the period of a few years, we can tell you!

4. Marilyn Monroe allegedly bathed in champagne

Whether this is cold, hard fact or just an urban legend, it’s still quite the story. Word has it that famous personality Marilyn Monroe actually once filled a bath with 350 bottles of expensive champagne – then actually bathed in it. We’ve heard about pushing the boat out when it comes to luxury bathing, but that’s really got to take the biscuit!

3. The concept of displacement was discovered in the bath

Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes was partial to the odd soak in the bath, and it’s a good thing too! It was during one of his dips in the bath that he conceived of the idea of displacement – a concept that’s now taught across the globe and found in every science book. Isn’t it amazing what kicking back in the bath can do?

2. The oldest bath discovered dates back to 1500BC

It’s back to the island of Greece for this factoid: the oldest bathtub ever discovered was found in the Queen’s bathroom is Knossos. The bath was made out of fired clay and dates back over 3500 years to around 1500 BC. One of the most interesting facts about the discovery is that it was found near to one of the world’s first flushing toilets. Are we sure the Ancient Greeks weren’t time-travellers?

1. Roman baths were originally built exclusively for the poor

When you think of Roman baths, you probably envision the elite of society lounging around huge bodies of water. And while this was how things ended up, it wasn’t how they began. The very first of Rome’s 900+ public baths were actually built for the poorest people to use, while the rich folks would have baths at home. Over time, however, the leisurely bathing pastime became a hallmark of Roman society in general – and bridged the gap between rich and poor just a little bit.

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