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Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Style Whirlpool Baths


Are you on the hunt for a whirlpool bath that really stands out? 

If so, a Japanese style whirlpool bath might be just your cup of tea. The Japanese (or Oriental-style) whirlpool bath is a design that’s been around for centuries, and even today it remains one of the most sought-after designs. These bathtub designs are relaxing, traditional, and a real focal point for any bathroom. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore the Japanese whirlpool bath design and find out why it’s such a popular choice for whirlpool bathers across the world.

The origins of the Japanese bathtub

The story of the Japanese bath can actually be traced back to the Buddhist temples of India in around 800 AD. From here, the concept spread through China and finally to Japan. It was at this point that the concept of a ‘sentō’ came about. These are essentially bath houses with a very unique culture that creates a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. The Japanese baths found within these sentō are known as either ‘furo’ or ‘ofuro’, and it’s this design that influences modern Japanese whirlpool baths. Even today, bath houses like these still exist, and are actually quite a draw for tourists looking for that authentic taste of Japanese culture.

The Japanese bathtub design

A furo is generally a square bathtub with steep sides which is often made from wood. A key factor for Japanese baths is their depth, with this style of tub generally being a lot higher than conventional western baths. The original furo didn’t include any form of drainage or plumbing; however modern Japanese baths naturally do have these features. Historically, furo owners would actually leave the water in overnight, then use the water for other things (such as washing clothes) the next day. Don’t worry, this isn’t something we'd recommend in 2015! The modern version of the Japanese bath is usually made from similar materials as conventional baths, like fibre-glass, with a design language that pays homage to the traditional design of the Japanese furo bathtubs.

Modern Japanese whirlpool baths

With just one glance at the many Oriental whirlpool bath designs available, it’s easy to see the historic influences on show. Modern Japanese whirlpool baths include a fabulous depth that makes for a truly unique bathing experience. On top of this, the addition of whirlpool jets transforms the Japanese bathing experience into something that’s incredibly relaxing and great for beating stress. Modern Japanese whirlpool baths feature a selection of jet layouts, meaning you can choose exactly how you'd like it set up. You can even find Japanese whirlpool baths with lighting options to create the perfect mood for the ultimate bathing experience.

Have you considered trying out the one-of-a-kind experience only possible with a Japanese whirlpool bath? If so, you can discover a whole world of Japanese Oriental sytle whirlpool baths right here at The Spa Bath Co. Have questions about the Japanese whirlpool baths we offer? Call our friendly team today.

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