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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wet Rooms


Whether you’ve had experience with them before, or you’ve simply heard the term thrown around, there’s plenty to learn about wet rooms. Because they’re not hugely common, it’s understandable that you might not be 100% up on exactly what a wet room is, or why you might want one in your home. With that in mind, the team at The Spa Bath Co. has whipped up the following short guide on everything you need to know about wet rooms.

What is a wet room?

Almost all household bathrooms feature a shower of some kind, however these are normally found in specific areas of the bathroom. For example, you’re likely to find a shower either over the bath or in a dedicated unit. This is done so that the water is contained to a specific area, allowing the remainder of the bathroom to be used for other things. However, in the case of a wet room, the shower and its associated water use is not contained in any way. Essentially, the entire room is the catchment area for the flow of water, and it’s not unusual to find a drain in the middle of the floor of a wet room.

What’s the difference between a wet room and regular bathroom?

There are a couple of ways that a wet room will differ from a more conventional bathroom. First and foremost is the concept of waterproofing. In the case of a wet room, almost every part of the flooring and the skirting where the floors meet the walls will be waterproofed. This can be done by a professional using specific sealants, usually rubber, and is designed to allow for water to be allowed across all areas of the floor. It’s this effect that lead to the name ‘wet room’. Often you’ll find that the flooring in wet room is highly waterproof, similar to that you’ll find in swimming pools, and may even be angled down to better channel water to it from the shower.

What type of features can be added to a wet room?

Just like a normal bathroom, you can add a host of different features to your wet room. The main factor in the creation of a wet room is, of course, the shower. You can find a huge range of premium showers in our online shower shop, any of which will be ideal for a wet room. Having a bath in a wet room isn’t common, as they’re generally used as shower rooms, however it is of course possible if that’s what you’re looking for. In addition, wet rooms are often decked out with the latest in water basins, taps, and even heated towel rails.

Has our wet room guide whet your appetite for more info about installing your own? You can explore The Spa Bath Shop right now to check out our full range of showers and accessories, or you can call the team with questions anytime.

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