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Electric Showers and Power Showers: What's the Difference?


Electric Showers and Power Showers: What's the Difference?

If there’s one thing you’ll find in practically every bathroom in the UK, it’s a shower.

But not all showers are the same. More specifically, from a technical standpoint, showers break down into two different categories: power showers and electric showers. Do you know the difference? If not, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, we’ve whipped up this short guide to pinpoint the key differences between power showers and electric showers.

The A-Z of electric showers

An electric shower is probably the most common shower you’ll find in bathrooms, and for good reason. An electric shower is fed by the mains cold water supply, and relies on the pressure in that system to produce a satisfying shower experience. As the water passes through the electric shower, it is heated to the required temperature. This is a simple solution, although it does build in an extra step which can reduce water pressure slightly (more on that later). Electric showers are quite simple to fit and won’t usually require any additional plumbing work done to the bathroom. The only potential downside of an electric shower if your home has low water pressure, in which case the flow from the showerhead may not be sufficient. That’s where a power shower can come in handy…

All about power showers

When water pressure is a problem for a shower system, a power shower is the answer. These can be fed either by mains cold water, or pre-heated water via a boiler, but the key difference is that a power shower comes complete with a pump. What does this mean for installation? Well, in order to have a power shower fitted, you’ll need to also install a pump somewhere within the plumbing system in order to feed the shower with pressurised water. Not only can this expensive, but the additional power needed for the pump means that running this type of shower can cost twice as much per year than an electric shower. On top of all of that, pumps in power showers may require maintenance over the years to ensure the correct level of performance for the shower.

Is an electric shower right for you?

Generally speaking, if you’ve never had a problem with weak water pressure before, an electric shower will be the solution for you. They are easy to fit, easy to maintain, and come in a wide range of different designs. In addition, you don’t need to worry about connecting your electric shower to either your boiler water system, or an additional pump. Electric showers are quite simply the most cost-effective (and least time-consuming) way to update the shower in your bathroom. You may also find that electric showers are easier to find at bathroom retailers, because power showers are more of a resource-intensive installation.

If you’re considering a new shower for your bathroom, you’ll find a selection of electric showers in our online bathroom shop. Have questions? No problem – just call our friendly team today..

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