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Bring Your Bathroom into the 21st Century with Electronic Sensor Taps


Bring Your Bathroom into the 21st Century with Electronic Sensor Taps

Sometimes the very best way to update your bathroom is with a little new-fangled technology.

And in 2015, it doesn’t get much more new-fangled than electronic sensor taps. You’ve likely used one of these before, and perhaps even thought ‘Hey, that’s pretty cool.’ But did you ever think you could actually have electronic sensor taps in your own home? Well, here at The Spa Bath Co, we offer a range of electronic sensor taps that could modernise your bathroom. Let’s find out more about this handy gadget.

Hands-free and hygienic

It’s no exaggeration to say that health and safety is a big concern for a lot of us these days. And while your bathroom is probably a bastion of cleanliness, electronic sensor taps can make a lot of difference in this area. Consider the conventional tap: you have to physically turn the handle at least twice in order to use the tap just once. With a set of electronic sensor taps installed, all it takes is a simple wave of your hand and you’ll have a stream of water as normal. It might not seem like much, but a small change like this can add up to a big benefit over time. The only thing that really changes is the hands-free nature of the taps. Having said that, some of our electronic sensor taps can actively save water too.

Water-saving electronic sensor taps

In addition to saving you time and effort whenever you use the bathroom or toilet, electronic sensor taps can also be used to save water. By using a sensor that is more acutely tuned to movement, certain models of electronic sensor tap are able to activate the stream of water much more dynamically. What does this mean for you? Well, when it comes to water conservation, every second counts. So if your electronic sensor taps can help you to reduce the water used every time you run the taps, you’re onto a real winner for sustainability and your water bill.

Easy installation and maintenance 

You might assume that because electronic sensor taps involve electricity and technology, they’ll be harder to manage and maintain. Actually, the reverse is true. A set of electronic sensor taps can be installed very quickly, and the sensors are usually powered by one small and discreet battery. Don’t worry about changing it being tricky, because manufacturers of electronic sensor taps make this process simple and fast. On top of that, the sensors used in electronic sensor taps are designed to last months and months without needing replacement – and sometimes even longer. Installation of a set of electronic sensor taps is no more difficult than regular taps, and requires only the standard plumbing setup used by conventional taps.

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