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Bath Pillows: The Unsung Hero of Your Bathroom


We’ll be the first to admit that bath pillows aren’t the most common addition to the modern bathroom, but we’re out to change all that. In fact, we firmly believe that bath pillows are the unsung heroes of the bathroom. Whether you’re already a fan, or this is the first you’re hearing of bath pillows, today’s blog post will extol the virtues of bath pillows – and why you should consider adding one to your tub.

Benefit #1: Encourage correct posture and prevent neck strain

Just like a pillow on your bed, the core concept of a bath pillow is to provide you with support as you’re lying down in your whirlpool bath. Without a bath pillow, you’ve probably experienced times when your neck or back have slipped against the rear surface of the tub, or you’ve simply found that your neck is a little stiffer post-bathe. Despite the warmth of the water and it relaxing effects, if you’re having to bend your neck unnaturally in your tub, pain can eventually arise. If this is happening to you, a bath pillow will be right up your street – offering support for your neck and spine and preventing unnecessary musculoskeletal strain.

Benefit #2: Superior comfort means superior relaxation

Perhaps the number one goal of any bathtub – and especially a whirlpool bathtub – is to provide relaxation and stress-relief. After all, there’s nothing quite like slipping into a warm bubbly bath after a long day at work. While the whirlpool jets and warm bubbles alone are a pretty good way to achieve this, a bath pillow can be the cherry on the top. If you’re able to position yourself comfortably in your bath, and rest your head at the same time, you’ll be on the fast-track to ultimate relaxation. And hey, if you’ve already splashed out on a luxury whirlpool bath, you might as well go the whole nine yards – right?

Benefit #3: Quick application gives you total flexibility

While there’s simply no denying the benefits of a bath pillow, there may well be times that you don’t want to use one. Or maybe you simply want the option of quickly removing and stowing your bath pillow once you’re done using it. Well, thanks to the innovative design, it’s incredibly easy to do exactly that. Each of the bath pillows we offer here at The Whirlpool Bath Shop include suction cups below the main body of the pillow. With these, you can simply take your bath pillow out before you bathe, quickly locate the right spot, and Bob’s your uncle! The suction cups make application a doddle. When you’re done, simply pop the pillow off and store it away. Simple!

Whether you already enjoy the benefits of a bath pillow and fancy an upgrade, or you’re just discovering these handy bathroom additions for the first time, you’ll find a selection of bath pillows here on our website

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