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Banish the Curse of Damp Bath Towels with a Heated Towel Rail


Picture the scene: you've just stepped out of your whirlpool bath following a relaxing, stress-busting soak. You reach for a towel and wrap it around you, but instead of a warm fluffy embrace, you instead feel the clammy chill of a damp towel. If this story seems familiar, today's blog post is for you. It’s time to explore the wonderfully warm world of heated towel rails.

What causes continuously damp towels? 

Damp towels in the bathroom are very common, especially if you have no central heating in the bathroom. The cause is actually pretty simple: if you're showering or bathing regularly (say once per day), without the application of additional heat, there's just not enough time for the towel to dry. This starts a cycle which can be really hard to break unless you physically move your towel to a radiator elsewhere in the house after your bath or shower – but that's hardly ideal. It's here that a heated towel rail can come to the rescue: giving you the means to keep all of the towels in your bathroom toasty and warm every time you reach for them.

How a heated towel rail can help 

By installing a heated towel rail, you can not only improve your bathing experience by having a lovely warm towel to wrap yourself up in – you could also potentially ward off germs. That’s right; according to research, damp towels can be a hotbed for germs, simply because they offer the perfect environment for them to thrive. Conditions like athlete’s foot can also easily be spread via a damp towel. You can successfully eliminate bugs like these by washing your towels at a high heat (such as 90c) on a regular basis, but there’s got to be a better way, right? With this in mind, it’s easy to see why heated towel rails can be such a huge benefit in any home.

Finding the right heated towel rail for you 

Now that you know why a set of heated towel rails could help in your bathroom, it’s time to explore your options! Here we offer a wide range of heated towel rails in a variety of styles, so no matter what your décor, you’re sure to find a set to suit you. Gone are the days of chrome being the only option when it comes to colour, because you can now find heated towel rails in white, classic chrome, and even matte black. On top of that, our heated towel rails come in an array of design styles, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. Maybe you’d like a low-profile slimline heated towel rail in matte black? Or perhaps you’d want to choose between floor or wall mounted heated towel rails? It’s all possible at The Spa Bath Co.

To delve a little more deeply into your options, feel free to explore our selection of heated towel rails right now. Have a question about buying, installation, or delivery? Call the team anytime.

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