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Assisted Bathing in 2022: A Buyer's Guide to Finding the Right Bathtub


One of the best things about bathrooms is that they’re a sanctuary for everyone. Whether you’ve had a rough week and just need to relax, or you simply need to scrub up, the bathroom is always there for you. But for disabled people, or those with certain physical conditions, it’s not always so simple. And it’s for just this reason that bath manufacturers have created the ever-growing range of assisted bathing options — but which is right for you?

If you’re looking to invest in assisted bathing, this guide is for you.

Step 1: Understanding your personal requirements 

The first step in choosing the perfect assisted bathing is to understand your personal requirements. Naturally, you’ll be best suited to knowing the specific ways in which you may need assistance when bathing, so this is an important step. It’s also a great opportunity to understand exactly what assisted bathing means and how these bathtubs differ from more conventional options. Here’s a quick summary of the key differences between assisted and non-assisted baths:

  • Seating. The most common convenience feature for an assisted bathtub is a seat. These are usually moulded directly into the bath’s shell to make manoeuvring simple when the bath is filled.
  • “Walk-in” access. Many assisted bathtubs come complete with a side door entryway on one side, allowing for easy accessibility without having to bend. How are these walk-in baths filled? You simply step in, sit down, then allow the thermostatically controlled water to fill around you for ultimate comfort.
  • Convenience rails. Some models of accessible bathtubs will also include handy reinforced rails to make access and exit even easier.

Before you start your search for an assisted bathtub, it’s a good idea to consider your specific needs and which forms assisted bathing features will be most useful to you. With this info to hand, you’ll be able to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Documenting your available space  

Now that you have a good sense of which features you’d like in new bathtub, you’ll need to start thinking about placement. One of the benefits of assisted bathing baths is that they actually take up less floor space than a conventional bath. Because they’re usually designed with the “walk in and sit down” philosophy, the total surface area is sometimes a third of the size compared to other tubs. This is great news, because it means you’ll be able to enjoy more available space in your bathroom, even with a luxury whirlpool bath installed.

In terms of next steps, you should definitely measure the available floor space in your bathroom, as well as the specific sector of the room you’d like to use for the bath. If you already have a bath which you’ll be replacing, you can simply use its dimensions for this measurement. Once you have the dimensions, you’ll be able to browse the selection of assisted bathing bathtubs and know right away whether a certain model will fit in your bathroom. The size of assisted bathing tubs will differ from model to model, but generally speaking, each one is between 1m (1000 mm) and 1.25m (1250mm) lengthwise.  

Step 3: Choosing the perfect assisted bathing bathtub 

Now it’s time for the fun part – choosing your new bathtub. Like any big purchase, it’s wise to spend as much time as possible exploring the various models on offer. It’s also a good idea to consider assisted bathtubs from a variety of price ranges – even if you think you don’t need a certain feature. For example, assisted bathtubs like those in the Eris Mini Sit Down Walk In range are also equipped with 14 luxurious spa jets which really take your bathing to the next level. Or, if you want to really push the boat out, you might consider adding an underwater lighting option to take advantage of the chromotherapy benefits (or just set the mood). You might not think you need any added extras, but when you’re enjoying a luxurious sit-down bath surrounded by indulgent bubbles and the gentle glow of the underwater lighting, believe us, there’s nothing quite like it.

Of course, beyond the luxury factor of a new whirlpool bath, your main consideration should be accessibility and ease-of-use. Again, depending on your mobility, you may require certain features on your bathtub. If you’re not certain exactly which independent bathing bathtub is right for your particular circumstances, we are always happy to help. Our team are always here to listen to your specific requirements and recommend the perfect bath for you and your lifestyle.

Step 4: Frequently Asked Questions about assisted bathing 

Before you head off to find your ideal bath for independent bathing, we’d like to address a couple of common questions we receive about assisted bathing tubs.

  • How do I fill a walk-in bath? As you might expect, it’s impossible to fill a bathtub then open a side door without a bit of a spill. For this reason, walk-in baths are filled retroactively, so all you have to do is step in, sit down, then let the water fill around you. These tubs have thermostatic control to ensure that the water isn’t too hot – and you can always adjust the controls as necessary.
  • How long does it take to fill a walk-in bath? Just like any other bathtub, walk-in tubs aren’t instant – but they are considerably faster than low rectangular shaped tubs. Because the surface area is smaller, and the sides higher, the water will fill in a just a couple of minutes. It’s then you can flick on the water jets and soak your troubles away!
  • Is the door on a walk-in bath secure? Yes – you don’t have to worry about leaks. This is one of the most heavily tested aspects of any walk-in bath, and no tub is made available until it’s been thoroughly tested by regulatory bodies in the UK.
  • Are there options available if I need support railings in my bathroom? Yes! Along with our range of assisted bathing whirlpool baths, we also offer all of the kit you need to improve the accessibility of your bathroom. Take a look at our Doc “M” Pack for more details about these bathroom railing kits.

    You should now be well-prepared to start the search for your next assisted bathing bathtub. By asking the right questions, making the right preparations, and ensuring your need are catered for, you’ll soon be relaxing in your luxury tub. Don’t forget that if you have any questions about independent bathing — or anything else — you can call our friendly team anytime.

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