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Assisted Bathing and You: Why It's Easier Than Ever to Maintain Bathroom Independence


For many of us, the bathroom is something of a sanctuary: a place where we can relax, de-stress, and get back to being ourselves. But this sanctuary can be threatened (or even taken away completely) in the face of various conditions which prevent or reduce bathroom accessibility.  If you or a loved one is facing a potential reduction in bathroom ease-of-use, today’s blog post is for you. Let’s take a look at how modern assisted bathing options can help you maintain your bathroom independence for years to come.

What is assisted bathing?

The term “assisted bathing” isn’t always clearly defined, so let’s start by providing a little clarity. Put simply, assisted bathing refers to the process of developing and installing bathroom products and furniture which make using the bathroom easier for those with limited movement or physical disabilities. The real aim of assisted bathing is to reduce the impact of those limitations through smart design, and to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the relaxation and stress-busting qualities of a modern bathroom, no matter what their condition may be. Maintaining bathroom independence is the goal of many products within the assisted bathing range – and that includes whirlpool baths.

Walk in, sit down, unwind…

Enjoying a whirlpool bath at home is one of the most relaxing and rewarding things a person can do, and assisted bathing options mean that this experience is now available to practically everybody. Known as either “sit-down” or “walk-in” baths, (or sometimes both), this design of whirlpool tub is a real game-changer for anyone with limited mobility. These innovatively designed baths are shaped in such a way that you can sit down in a regular sitting position without having to lie down at all – all while enjoying the bubbly indulgence of a whirlpool bath. Walk-in baths generally have a door on one side which you can use to step into at your own pace. From there it’s the simple matter of making yourself comfortable while adding as much or as little water as you’d like. Fancy a few bubbles for real relaxation? You can enable the spa jets at the touch of an easy-to-reach button.

The one-and-done solution to bathroom accessibility

Bathing is one thing, but if you’ve ever looked into installing accessibility features such as support rails to your bathroom, you may have found it a little confusing. It’s not always clear exactly which rails and other accessibility features you’ll really need. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got a great solution; with the Doc “M” Pack, you can enhance the accessibility of your bathroom or WC in one single step. The package comes complete with a close-coupled toilet (cistern and pan) and wall basin, but more importantly it also includes a hinged support rail and four grab rails to position wherever they’ll be of most use to you. Even better, you can choose either white or blue for your rails. It’s never been easier to upgrade your accessibility! 

Want to see even more ways to maintain bathroom independence? If so, you can explore our ever-growing selection of assisted independent bathing options right now. And of course, if you have any questions, our team is always happy to help.

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