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Are You Showering Too Often? Top Tips for Managing Your Bathroom Time


Are You Showering Too Often? Top Tips for Managing Your Bathroom Time

We're all taught from a young age that the cleaner we are, the better. From remembering to wash behind our ears to making certain we shower each morning or evening, keeping clean is instilled into us from day one. But did you know that you can actually shower too much? It's true: take more than one shower per day and you could potentially cause yourself problems. Don't believe us? Here comes the science! 

The downsides of showering too often

It’s totally understandable that showering as often as possible seems like a good idea. After all, you can’t be too clean… right? Well, there are in fact a few different ways that showering less frequently (or at least not excessively) might be the best approach. Here are some of the top reasons that showering too often could be bad for you:

•Too much water exposure can cause dry skin, which may allow infections and germs to slip through and cause health problems. 

•The skin’s natural oils are stripped away by over-showering, which disrupts the level of ‘good bacteria’ in your body which are essential for maintaining your immune system.

•Hygiene products like shower gels and shampoos can be harmful in excessive quantities, especially if they are antibacterial. 

•The cost of your water and energy bills will increase when you’re using more water and power to heat that water. It’s simple economics. 

How best to manage your bathroom time

So if we're all running a slight risk by showering as and when we feel like it, what is the optimal showering schedule? How exactly should we be managing our bathroom time? Well, according to Dr Elaine Larson at the Columbia University of Nursing, we should actually be showering once or twice a week. This may come as something of a surprise, but it all comes down to maintaining the body’s natural defences in the form of those all-important bacteria-fighting oils. Of course, this is really just a guideline; as long as you’re comfortable and not suffering any of the ill-effects above, your choice of shower schedule should be just fine. 

The right shower for the right schedule

Don’t forget that the right shower or shower head can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a regular shower schedule. You’re able to not only pick out a shower head which will provide a comfortable flow of water, but you can even prevent the over-use of heat energy by choosing a thermostatic shower. In fact, this latter option is a great way to introduce safety to your bathroom too – especially if you have little ones in your household. The actual shape of the showerhead (and the pressure of the water being fed to it) will have an effect on the force of the water hitting your body (and thus the oil-stripping effects), which may also factor into your decision-making process. 

We hope we've shared some useful advice in today's blog post. Don't forget that whether you're a shower person or a whirlpool bath person, you can find an ever-growing selection of premium bathroom products and accessories in our online bathroom shop. Have a question? Call the team anytime.

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